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  1. Previous to jojoba oil I was using a moisturizer from Lubriderm that I was thought might have been breaking me out: I only applied it on my chin/jaw area after all because I wouldn't have dry skin elsewhere. It's like these pimples got super infected or something I don't know. Will continue the ACV thing at any rate (50/50). I would hold out as long as possible with the ACV. It does have a purging process that might last few weeks, but in the long run I think many people can vouch that it
  2. I typically just rinse the blade in hot water after I shave and let it air dry, but since acne makes me become a hygiene freak, i've decided that it would be better if I disinfect my blade after each use. Any tips? And how many uses do you guys usually use a blade before discarding?
  3. Don't use BP if you have light acne. It will cause you to break out and it forces you to rely on it (if you stop using it, you will also break out). And the routine takes up an hour of your day (doing it twice daily)..
  4. I don't mean to be a downer.. but just FYI so you can re-adjust your expectations - Dan's timeline isn't really accurate. I'm sure many people can agree with me that it typically takes at least 3-6+ months to be totally clear. Anyway, good luck with your regimen!
  5. Hey guys, I have been prepping myself with research to go see a Dermatologist soon for my acne scars. I still breakout 1-2 mild-moderate acne every week or so, but they typically clear up within a few days. Unfortunately, my scars of 1-2 years and red marks have not faded one bit, so I am forced to go get the opinion of an expert. So... anyone know any good doctor in the Los Angeles area? preferably west la. Any input would be helpful. Thanks.
  6. If you are able to clear up your acne/maintain it for the most part with less than full 2 pumps.. than I would just do that. The less you use the better.. so that you aren't damaging your skin and making it rely on BP.
  7. since you are starting ACV, ill let you know my experience. I take 4 ACV pills (2 per meal) and use ACV is a skin toner at night before I apply BP. I have been doing this since February, and so far here are a few things I noticed: 1. ACV helps fade new red marks, particularly ones left from mild acne 2. It doesn't really fade red marks from moderate to severe acne. 3. You will break out in the beginning. It also dries your skin. I am still unsure of if it is still making me break out (having
  8. hmm I just started using it recently, don't really see any improvements. I broke out a little bit (small inflamed acne), but that could be because I didn't wash my face one night a week ago. As of now, I am just putting it on my face, leaving it on for a minute or two and taking it off. I do this once every 3 nights. What exfoliators would you recommend? and what are some manual removal methods? Do note that some of these blackheads have been on my face for months.
  9. Hi guys, I decided to add an exfoliator into my regimen now that my inflamed acne is under control. I have several blackheads that I want to get rid of and I read that baking soda is a good exfoliator. As of now, I think this will be my regimen. Night 1. Cleanse with Cetaphil daily cleanser 2. Exfoliate using baking soda 3. Add apply cider vinegar (1:1 with water) to even out pH level 4. Dan's 2.5% BP 5. Olay sensitive spf moisterizer. During the day i don't have as much time so I skip a fe
  10. This isn't helping you but I have a question for you because I have one of these too. It feels like a pimple under the skin, and it breaks the surface just a bit - how long do yours typically take to go away? Mine has been persistent. I got it around a week ago and it doesn't show any signs of going away.. on the contrary a little black dot has formed on it (i don't know if this is a blackhead and it just grew on top of it) or if this is its way of surfacing.
  11. Dang that was a quick response. I was doing some research and the small wide lump from the cyst/pustule might be a keloid. I will ask my dermatologist about those treatments. In my opinion my scars don't seem too deep, but are visible in the right light. Would you happen to know the price range of each of the treatments you mentioned? thanks for the response =]
  12. Hi guys, Can you guys help me identify these? I apologize if it is not clear, I took it with my iphone. Here's some background on these scars - I got them from picking my acne when I was a teenager... It has been 2 or so years and they have not disappeared. They have gradually gotten lighter in color, but don't really shrink or even out. I think I have multiple types of scars, because my skin is kind of uneven, and I really can't tell sometimes if its dented or raised. It looks to be dented on