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  1. I just wanted to say I've been with my boyfriend for almost three years now, and for the first 8 months I NEVER could bear to be without at least concealer. Even then I was horrible insecure, but he never noticed a problem or anything. I mean, he did notice acne or red marks or scars but not like I did, and he just didn't care. At all. After awhile, I stopped wearing any make-up in the mornings around him, and he still didn't care. I still have a hard time not wearing make-up around other people
  2. I use Silk Naturals loose powder. I've always preferred powder formulations. Liquid just takes me longer to apply, and cream is too thick usually!
  3. regular oil of olay in "classic" formula should be back. Try jojoba too. Trader Joe's Enrich is also good if you can find it.
  4. go with the regimen. It's worth it, trust me. I'm using the batch everyone is complaining about and I'm fine. Cross my heart and hope to die... It's really, really, really worth it. I tried so many expensive presciptions, and none of them did squat. Crazy that all it took was some (okay, more than some, lol) 2.5% bp and gentleness, but that was it.
  5. hey dude. 1st of all, I would recommend trying to the acne.org regimen, since you're here and all. It should be cheaper than all that and work better too... Maybe you're breaking out from summer changes. It happens. Have you been sweating more or anything? Sometimes a product can work for awhile and then stop working too. Sounds crazy, right? But it's happened to me. More likely, I think, actually, my acne would get worse and the product could only control SO MUCH. That's why I recommend the
  6. I think the Blur is the best. The oil control Blur. The zinc powder didn't work too well, the primer was kinda ehhh...
  7. yes, also AHA on its own may help.
  8. try rubbing jojoba oil into your skin gently. I use it to rub off flakes at night.
  9. Mae, I always get a little blood* right before "that time" of the month, even when I was getting it waxed in a salon. Try doing your brows a week after your period. On my eyebrows I mean, by the way, lol.
  10. jojoba oil! best by far... a little messy... but good for your skin too.
  11. You are most likely getting ingrown hairs. Or irritating clogged pores. Using an AHA or sal. acid or BP on the area will help (don't use it right on the eyelid though!)
  12. Here's the thing, I have batch 0014, as do other people, and we don't have problems. We don't. None. Nada. Zip. I'm sure some people are having a bad reaction to the stuff. Who the hell knows why, though. Maybe it destabilized. Maybe your skin is not handling it well anymore. Maybe you are panicking and causing your own skin problems through stress. I think, if the batch causes you problems, return it. Return it and start using another kind of BP in the meanwhile, and see if that helps. I fear
  13. I don't think the two affect each other. Continue to start off slowly with BP just in case.
  14. "I was just about to place my first ever order here for a large batch of the BP. I think Dan should know that I am not going to do so. There is clearly a problem here, after 7 pages of multiple reports. I am not seeing anyone from acne.org actually addressing the issue, so I will - regrettably - take my business elsewhere. This is one area of my life where I can't take chances. Sorry, and I write this only to help the people running this site improve their communication and product. " Well, h