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  1. Ballin Jdd!

    Dry Skin/sensitive Regimen

    Hey Guys!!! For everyone who has dry skin/combo/sensitive- Acne Prone... Morning... 1. Cleanse: was off your face with "Cetaphil gentle cleanser" for all skin types. wait a few minutes 2. Treat: dab some BPeroxide on affected areas. 3. Moisturize: scoop a generous amount of "Cetaphil moisturizer" (in jar) for dry/very dry skin types. Night... 1. Scrub: gently exfoliate dry skin off with "Neutrogena deep clean relaxing night scrub" 2. Rinse: take water from your sink/
  2. Ballin Jdd!

    FULL coverage creamy consistency matches skin tone prefectly slight creasing under eyes & on eyelids amazing coverage for acne scarring. this is my one and only concealer for my dark spots & dark circles, i will never use another concealer!!!
  3. Ballin Jdd!

    removes shine immediately not thick the color runs lighter in shade i use in my t-zone to mask the look of shiny, oily skin! i love it!
  4. Ballin Jdd!

    very gentle on skin moisturizing inexpensive doesn't break me out. does not remove makeup doesn't foam up, so it really won't remove much dirt i really like this product as my morning gentle cleanser, but i don't use it at night becuase it is horrible at removing makeup and dirt buildup from the day. i have naturally dry skin, so i need to keep my cleansers gentle and smooth. it leaves my skin soft, and its very refreshing. the consistency is water-like. not thick.