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  1. I've eard lots of opinions that you shouldn't though no one really explains why, so I'm not sure. Can anyone tell me: can I sunbathe while I'm on birth control to treat my acne?
  2. if you have a toner with alcohol in it you can get some on a cotton bud and hold it to the pimple for a few minutes, do this a couple times a day. i like to do this, i find that it sometimes (depending on the pimple ) makes it smaller, dries it out or makes it form and go away faster. hope i helped in some way
  3. benzoyl peroxide will, as you probably know, dry out your skin. try to put it away for a few days and concentrate on good moisturizing. dry skin is irritated skin and that is more prone to breakouts. i find that since i've started putting on a moisturizer at night i've had much less whiteheads. hope i helped and good luck!
  4. not sure about the shaving cos i'm a girl but i don't think it makes that big a difference, just cleanse when it's better for you the scrub though - scrubs will irritate your skin so once a week is more than enough. and if you use that you don't need any other wash at that time. most dermatologists will tell you not to use a scrub at all. but i find if it's rather delicate and you use it once every 1 week or 1.5 weeks it's perfectly fine, since it gets rid of any dead skin and cleanses very we
  5. drinking a lot of water helps your organism get rid of toxins so it will definitely be beneficial to you. its also a good idea to try a week long detox diet, it's good for both your skin and overall health. i try to do detox once every 2-3 months and i always feel great after. lemon juice helps get rid of acne scars and smoothes out skin. diluting it with water is a good idea since it won't be as harsh on your skin. dont leave lemon juice on your skin for the whole night though, because it is a
  6. wait another week or two and see how that goes. there's no harm in that and you might avoid using something that might irritate your skin.