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  1. You could see a plastic surgeon - there are risks with cutting that area. If it was originally done by a gp the stitches may have been the normal criss cross ones. All the plastic surgeons I have seen do subcutaneous stitching - under the skin - not normal stitching. You could have it revised (excised again subcutaneously stitched). There will always be a scar but some are excellent (hardly visible)compared to others.
  2. If you research hypopigmentation I'm with sapphire lily, there is almost nothing you can do about it. I got quite a bit from tca cross - but thats when I did it myself without waiting the required time inbetween uses or it might have been because I hadn't waited the required time coming off roaccutane. Anyway I had them excised successfully by a plastic surgeon and am very happy now. If you only have the one its worth it. I have never heard of the skin blending in - you either have Nicole Kidman
  3. I've researched and had enough subscisions to sink the titanic with very good results. With all the rest I excised (boxcar and rolling especially) with excellent results. Why wouldn't you think these types of scars could not be excised???
  4. You seem like a nice person too and it was a very courageous letter to write in the first place. I have been in a similar place a long time ago. We are emotional beings first and foremost and until people are there for us emotionally, I can guarantee nothing much will change. Look up attachment theory by bowlby and ainsworth - you are anxious ambivalent as opposed to anxious avoidant. It might help you to understand your structure. You are like that (like me) because that was the best way for yo
  5. Hi wishfulthinkin, If your acne is still active you should look at options to stop it asap. Roaccutane worked for me. Never had acne again. Read the pros and cons. You could try it as some people like myself didn't suffer from many side effects at all. Try not to get to weighed down in all the arguments about roaccutane - take your time. You just need a referral from a gp to a dermatologist for the script/s. I would never treat scarring until the acne is under control. The picking will decrease
  6. When someone (your mum) is getting her needs gratified (sorry but thats exactly what I think) through you - its so wrong. I really feel for you - what a nightmare. Its a dreadful invasion of your selfhood and I wish you all the hope in the world to try and stop it. Just a word of advice - when you do put up a boundary (and it sounds like your really trying) dont be suprised if your mum tries to destroy that boundary - harder than ever before because the new boundary will be very unfamiliar to he
  7. I think you make a valid point Toni and I understand that I shouldn't sink to the same level of that abusive behaviour etc but..........I'm human (not the dalai lama) and I dont think having a defensive/protective responsive to what is really psychological and emotional abuse is wrong. Yes, I could only control my response and not theirs and I needed to change mine from one of submissive acceptance to saying "its not ok". I was a part of it because I let people do it (green lighting further att
  8. What I'm trying to say is - not being able to accept mild scarring and seeking treatment that did not work should definetly warn people to check out treatments because, yes, you can be disappointed with what some professionals claim will help particular scarring only to find out the opposite to be true. I know things can go wrong but things can also go right and much depends on research. When you say it might put the scarring into perspective (because of what happened to you) I interpret that to
  9. The heading 'a word of warning to those with mild acne scarring' and what you wrote dont quite make sense to me - I dont quite get it. I'm not trying to have a go at you. But I wouldn't tell anyone with mild acne scarring who want to improve their skin that they dont have the right to pursue that. Sometimes on this forum many people offer support to eachother by trying to show how mild scarring or even more harsh scarring is not the end of the world and try to find ways to value eachother for mo
  10. He is saying its a major turn on and you are saying that you actually look for it and why you do that and I dont have a problem because you are able to self reflect and own your needs in that.
  11. You say two things sort of at once so its confusing for me. Firstly, you say "I have small scars on both cheeks kind of alot but not too bad I want to know what can heal them quick". If the skin has healed already and left a scar .......... then welcome to the world of searching for something that can heal them overnight. Surgery (excision) is the quickest fix I know. Subscision and tca are good options too. If they are fresh (open wounds) Neosporin will help. I dont think much of Mederma or Der
  12. A bonus? because??..... all I can think of is that the girl becomes less of a threat to you on a physical level than maybe someone without scars. If you then provide the comfort and support she might need in relation to her acne scars it might even become more of a secure relationship. Then you become super special. Sometimes the things we think we can offer other people turn out to show us we have more to learn about our own insecurities than we think. But then you do admit this... in saying yo
  13. To be brutally honest I am not sure how you would best treat your skin because I never had the type of scars you have - which is quite a few together in one area and then some flush skin area and then another scarred area. I have very fine skin that had about 20 severley depressed scars across different areas of my face that stood out like you know what - but they were all alone as opposed to being grouped in one area. I had subscision alot with some good success. The greatest success I had was