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  1. Hi. In October 2018 I did something risky and went to a derm to try to fix some of the pores on my nose. we tried tca on a small site and I had pretty disastrous results. It took a long time to heal (like 4-5 weeks). It was actually looking decent (besides the much bigger pore that resulted). In the end of may 2019(7 months after) I went on a hiking trip and then after that I noticed that the site of the area I did the TCA became white. I've never noticed that before so I'm sure it was something
  2. I can't emphasize the importance of going to a good doctor. I have the same issue as you and my scar got even worse after going to the derm. In fact Im about to post my issue now.
  3. How long did it take for you to heal? It's almost been 3 weeks for me and I am still pretty red. It stopped scabbing a few days before week 2 but still looks like a sore.
  4. I have the same scars as you. I went to a derm and they suggested microneedling and tca cross. I did one session of microneedling and tca so far. my nose does look a lot smoother after week 3 post microneedling but it's hard to tell if it's from me moisturizing more. the tca treatment was the hardest to go through. the recovery is a lot longer and more unsightly. It was 100% tca and looking at the horror stories really made my anxiety go up
  5. look at my post. My wound looks crazy for treating such a small area. So far I am on day 6ish and I *think* it's healing nicely. Like everyone says, we just gotta breathe.
  6. Hello everyone. since I found a lot of the old posts on this board helpful, I wanted to continue documenting my healing process in case someone in the future stumbled onto a similar issue as me. This is day 4 and I woke up looking like the image I posted. As you can see, more of a scab is appearing and it also looks like a flimsy scab as the sides seem to be breaking apart. Maybe it's weak because I've used vasalene and kept it moist? dunno. First two days I just used moisturizer and on third
  7. Thanks for the replies guys. And yes. The first day and a half weren't too bad. Just seemed like I popped a pimple. It ballooned into this beauty pretty quick by day 3. Also thanks for the shower tip... I didn't know that
  8. This was done by a dermatologist and it was supposed to be a small test spot(tca cross) to address some scars on my nose but for some reason it's effecting a huge part of my skin. I think what happened was when water was applied by q-tip, it must have bled out to the area around it? dunno. This is about day 3. The scab is starting to form. Looks horrendous and I am having anxiety over this. the white you see in the photo is lotion I just put on
  9. about me: I have extremely oily skin. My skin can get to the point where I can just feel the oil on my face begging to be wiped off. The beads of oil on my nose form within 1-2 hours after a face wash. In the afternoon, around 6pm, the oil gets so bad that it will get in my eyes and start stinging. Once this happens, the tears come and the tears makes more oil get into my eyes. Ohhh I hate oil my nose has massive holes in it due to the hardened plugs from oil as well. anyways on to the soluti