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  1. If someone were to inquire as whether or not I've attempted the 3-day apple fast, I would swiftly give them this answer : "HA! No! What kind of stupid, stupid idiot would do that? Shits crazy." ... For 3 days my life revolved around apples and POOH. On the plus side, I lost 2.5 kilos. But if stupidity was measured this particular endeavor would need to be done via richterscale. It is by far one of the most bat-shit crazy get acne-free method out there. Which is of course why I tried it. Ho
  2. Ahoi fellow hopefuls! I have decided to start a most glorious and some-what humiliating blog about my great and most probably rather unsuccessful endeavors for beauteous skin! It all began with puberty... No, I suposse we all know how that story goes. Well anyway, my mild case of acne decided to stay consistently so (oh how so very noble) until I commenced my schooling years. Upon 2010, approx. 5 years of pent up, pissed off acne felt the need to unleash its almighty wrath upon my unsuspec
  3. Just thought I'd plop my 2 cents in here, don't waste your money on Gernetics. I've had mild acne for a while, then like you it decided to vamp up a few disheartening notches. So I tried Gernetics, for about 2 and half months and its absolute bullocks. Everything stayed the same, if not worse. And it's so expensive Good luck though!
  4. Okay. Ever the optimist, I'm going to try this for rizzle. Just downloaded the E-Book, if it works i'll post something ^^