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  1. Over the past year I went to see a Derm. and I was not satisfied I was in the waiting room longer than I was in his office. And when i finally went into his office he asked me more personal questions(i.e. my job about school) than about my acne problem, so i decided to see another Derm. hoping that my experience would be different, but it was basically the same thing i wait for 20 -30 min. and I'm in there for 5-10 and 10 might even be a stretch. I don't feel like as if I'm really listened to wh
  2. HI, how mouch are you paying for your treatments and what type of skin problems did you have before?
  3. It's comments like this that make people wanna stay hidden away somewhere. I know you shouldn't care what people say but it does hurt its not like their talking about your shirt or car something like that, their talking about your face what people see first when they see you, what people think of first when they say your name. How could that not affect someone?? Whoever said stick and stones may break your bones etc. obvioulsy never had ACNE!!! :roll:
  4. I just really feel depressed right now just thinking about my acne, it has been apart of my life for over 6 years now I'm now 20. I should have experienced so much more by my age whats sad is its just the simple things that I can't do like swimming, going to an amusement park, even staying with a friend is a hassle (something I hardly ever do anymore). I'm so tired of hiding or preparing for something days ahead working out all the ways to make sure my face stays hidden. I compare my life to mov
  5. I had mine since my 8th grade summer and I just turned 20. So I got it just before I started highschool which was just awesome ](*,)
  6. And I know how hard it was for you to say no I definately understand but, what you could have done was just went and explained basically whats going on, that your on a treatment and this is the worst you will ever look while on it. But then again who wants to go around explaining their face all day. You obviously said no for a reason you prolly know how different family members will make comments and dicuss your face like your not even standing there and, it will just make you think "Why did I e
  7. You have a fiance someone that you know will love you unconditionally and think your beautiful no matter what, I don't have that . I cant tell you not to obess about it coz I do the same thing but, just remember if he really loves you(your fiance) then he will be there for you know matter what he knows how beautiful you are on the inside and out. Maybe this is just a test of your relationship I dunno. I'm sure you'll find your remedy soon and this will all pass and you can look back at this just
  8. But I have had some terrible breakouts and I'm currently recovering from one now and I'm sorry but its hard to face the world when your feeling so bad about yourself. Yeah I could go outside and just do things and I have but when I do I return home feeling worse than when I left out. I'm constantly watching and worried about whos noticeing my face wherever I am. I'm just paranoid and withdrawn all day. You cant say just don't think or stress about it its hard not to whenever your face looks like
  9. Dan has plenty of forums to post under but, theres not really that specific forum just for the emotional effects of acne. Sometimes I would like to just get on here and post about those issues but, I cant really find a place for that I have seen other post with these type of topics before but, they dont really fit where their posted. It would be nice if I could just go to one specific forum whenever I would like to talk about those kinds of problems. I'm sure there are others whom feel the same
  10. I'm 20 and i still suffer from acne I believe that mine is also hormonal and the only way to cure mine would also be by taking something orally like BCP but i don't want to take those also. I would try going to the Derm. and asking about a pill that can have the same effects as BCP but something different I have heard of such pills and I plan to ask about them whenever I go back. I really believe mine is hormonal becuase i really tend to break out around that time-of-the-month and it can get rea
  11. I not to long ago went to a derm and my appointments sucked both times so i hope your turns out better than mine. I'm currently changing my derm. It was the first time in years I had went outside without wearing makeup I was sooo nervous but when I got there my derm. had a sink to wash off your makeup in I felt like man what a waste! but I hope you have a good first time GOOD LUCK!
  12. I tried it this past month and was not satified what so ever I do have persistant acne, though I can go like 5-7 days at a time with out having zits thats just to give you an idea of my acne type. It may do better on your skin my skin is also sensative its like I had the initial breakout and it started to go away but it never completely did I got bad breakouts in places where I hardly ever breakout and not only that it was a different type of acne than I was used to it was horrible and I still h
  13. Who used this product at healthboards.com go to acne its in the archives page 33 the posters username was "olderandwiser" because they have alot of posts per day it may be found on page 34 or etc. I hope this helps
  14. Does anybody know where I can buy either of the two besides the internet? Thankx