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  1. That is exactly what happens to the straight green and white teas that I brew in high concentration. I asked a while back if others had that experience but didn't get a reply. We brew black iced tea quite often and keep it in the refrigerator and it stays clear, so I assume it's just the green and whites that turn opaque when refrigerated. Or maybe it's the high concentration. ok, thanks. If you're still having success using cloudy green tea, than I won't be scared to use it, lol. I did
  2. So, I thought this would be a good addition to my own regimen, and made a strong batch of green tea last night. I used loose organic gunpowder green tea and the tea came out a sort of dark amber color. I haven't added any salt yet, I just put the tea in a glass bottle and put it in the fridge. This morning it looks kinda opaqe and cloudy. Is this normal?
  3. I second what Beender20 said, as I also work in a pharmacy. Pharmacist don't get kickbacks from manufacturers for recomending products. We have been visited by Gladerma a few times when they are trying to promote a new kind of blood glucose monitor and they will give us a few to stock the shelves with and one to play around with so we can actually explain to customers how it works. The there are no deals made, and the Pharmacist doesn't get any extra payment for recomending it to customers.
  4. Like many have said before me: don't brush your teeth right after eating/drinking something acidic. Same goes for anything sugary. You should probably wait a least 30 minutes after eating to brush your teeth. I also second the recomendation of rinsing with either a baking soda solution or a strong seasalt solution before brushing to help neutralize acids. Your saliva should naturally be alkaline in order to combat the acids that plaque produces. Nadine Artemis of Living Libations has some great
  5. i would still advise that you brush your teeth regularly. Bacteria builds up on your teeth, and when there is enough to make a full bacterial colony, the colony forms a protective bio film, which makes them better at resisting antibacterial/antiseptic chemicals. The best way to remove a bio film is to physically scrape it off, hence the brushing. There's a lot of debate about what type of tooth paste should or shouldn't be used, and whether or not we need fluoride, so do some research and form
  6. Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I am underweight, so that may be a contributing factor. As for other symptoms, I have been getting cramps and felt different emotionally, though it's hard to explain. I've switched birth control brands a few times over the years, the most recent being a generic of Kariva (Azurette) which I think may have been a combination type. I might try getting my hormone levels checked, but my doctor has been less than helpful and thinks I should go back on the pill, beca
  7. So, like the title implies I have lost my period and can't seem to get it back. Ladies, please read. Gentlemen, proceed with caution. Now before anyone suggests this, let me be clear: I am NOT pregnant. This is impossible, as I am not sexually active. Anyways, because I got acne at a young age, I was put on birth control at age 13 so that I could undergo a course of Acutane. (insert acne history, acutane didn't work, blah, blah, blah). I think that my body never got the chance to straighte
  8. On another note, this is why calico cats are all female. Certain genes that control coat color are located on the X-chromosome. Male cats with only one X simply express those genes and show that phenotype. Female cat embryos silence one of their X chromosomes (because they only need one). Some cells will silence one chromosome while other cells will silence the other (btw, this is through the methylation). When the cells begin to replicate (mitosis) the daughter cells inherit the silenced X c
  9. Wow, this is really interesting. I actually just started learning about epigenetics in my college Genetics class. I actually read a study that looked at women who were pregnant in NYC during 9/11. Both the women and their children showed signs of post traumatic stress disorder. I've also heard that there are similar symptoms for descendants of Holocaust survivors. People keep mentioning methylation, and I don't know if it's already been defined in this topic, but from my understanding it's
  10. Honestly, while I was on accutane, I don't think it was possible for anything to break me out, unless I rubbed my face in dirt and maybe some sort of bacteria culture. Sunscreen never broke me out. Also, you might be fine with the cream. I'm really pale and sunburn easily to begin with, so the accutane just made it that much worse. Sounds to me like you're doing fine, so I wouldn't worry so much about specifics on products.
  11. Wow, I'm shocked he didn't know about any of the risks and side effects with Accutane. When I took it, I had to sign all sorts of papers and do the iPledge thing every month. My advice, wear the the sunscreen (maybe a brimmed hat too.) I didn't use any particular brand, but I did religiously wear spf 55 every day. Granted, by the end I was literally snow white. As for a moisturizer, I ocassionally used vaseline, too, because I had extremely dry skin. I actually had these patches on my ribs th
  12. I also used after my second cycle of accutane (yeah, my Derm wanted me to do it a third time too, ick) and it didn't break me out at all. I really liked it because it hydrated my tight post-accutane skin and made it kinda glowy. Now I use raw honey to wash my face, but I still occasionally do the OCM to remove make up; it works lovely for that. To each his own, i guess.
  13. Chill, kiddies, chill. We're all friends here @Alternativista: It's true, we have had an unusually warm winter here, but unfortunately warm doesn't equate with direct sunlight at the proper angle. Lately it's been pretty overcast with a lot of bright but diffused sunlight. Too bad though; I'd really rather get a bit of sun (maybe a bit of color too). Wish I could take a vacation to somewhere sunny and exotic. Off Topic: @Jal V: No, I haven't really seen any Prison Break, maybe one episode
  14. Thanks for the info. I used to take 50mg of zinc gulconate as well, but I had to be really careful to take it with a lot (and I mean A LOT) of food otherwise I'd upchuck the entire meal. Gross. I'll have to start back on zinc with L-OptiZinc, because I think I'm zinc deficient (probably linked with my really bad sense of smell). Glad to know I wasn't the only one having trouble finding just plain ol' Magnesium Aspartate. I was beginning to think I was just missing some obvious procurer. I
  15. lol, I have the same problem. I'm also from Western New York! One of my close friends was diagnosed with depression due to lack of sun and vitamin D, so she started taking supplements. Her uncle who's a doctor told her she just needed 15min of sun 3 times a week. Of course, her uncle is from California, and she's here in good old gloomy Western NY. I'd say it's always better to get sun, but sometimes you have to supplement or eat vitamin D rich foods.