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  1. has anyone on accutane had abnormal periods all of a sudden normal than 2 weeks after finishing my period it comes back, does anyone know if this is what happens on accutane
  2. omg i've been on accutane for nearly 2 months and i've noticed extra hair growth is this normal and will it stop once i stop taking this medicine?
  3. OMG so 2 weeks into my course of accutane my skin was sooo bad in the 3rd week it was starting to clear and now i'm in week 4 and it's flared up again!! when will i start to notice my skin getting better and how long does the breakout period last!!!!!! my specialts said that you won't start to see a difference until month 2, is she right!!! because i thought once you went thorugh the breakout week that was it and it only gets clear from there. can you still get flare ups all the way through yo
  4. well 1 month into my treatment, my breakouts are starting to clear up, my lips are still dry, i have a dry nose aswell. on my nose it's peeling, blackheads have started to clear up, still some on my nose, skin is feeling smooth, bumps are starting to clear. dandruff on scalp. fingernails, growing fast and quite hard, not brittle, hair falling out and still have headaches. see you in week 5.
  5. well had a few drinks on saturday night and dont recommend it!! i had 3 corona's and at 3am got up and was vomoiting my guts out, so learnt my leason "no more alcohol for me while on accutane"
  6. Few years! but I mostly post in "the lounge" which is a forum you only have access to once you're a veteran member... so I think when you have 60 posts and have been here for 30 days.

    Where abouts in NZ are you from?

  7. hey how long have you been on this website for?

  8. that's awesome!!! thankgoodness i'm not driving or handling heavy equipment tonight!
  9. does anyone know if your allowed to have a few drinks well being on accutane, would there be any side effects if i do..........have a couple
  10. Yay that sounds real positive!!!! hopefully the same for me
  11. Does accutante get rid of blackheads, has anyone been on accutane and had their blackheads dissapear?
  12. hey fellow kiwi =)

  13. wow so it's 3 weeks now it's taking soooo long i want clear skin soooo bad and want it to happen quickly!!! so my face has quite a few pimples on it, mainly around my chin and cheek bones round my jaw, but they are not even like normal pimples they are bumpy and if you squeze them it's like clear fluid that comes out, they are more like blisters, very painful. my lips are cracked and my eyeballs feel dry, i get headaches and have dry nosetrills. to wash my face i'm using Cetaphil clens
  14. ok so i'm only in my 3rd week of being on Oratane 20mg they say that the first 2 weeks is when your skin really breaks out, My skin is awful worse then what i started out with my skin was pretty much clear compared to this i look awful! does anyone know how long this will last? also should you be watching what you eat??? My eye balls are dry, my lips are dry, bits of my body are peeling and i have headaches, also my pimples on my face arn't like what they used to be like before the medication,