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  1. Magdalen - I went and looked at the official site. The photos look good - but as if they woudn't I guess! I don't know alot about peels - Maya sure seems like she knows what she is talking about since she has had alot of experience with peels. One thing that struck me though was this - (quote from site) How can the skin peel when no chemical substances are used ? Our specific compound of GREEN PEEL® is massaged into your skin at your skin-care salon. The herbs own microparticles lightly pol
  2. yes, please post the link. I have seen before and after pictures in a cosmetic surgery magazine and they looked impressive.
  3. Maya - thats great. Do u feel really satisfied? I know collagen takes a while to completey fill in but u must be pretty happy. Did u see Tamara's (oursfans) pictures? Have u had similiar results? Please keep updating Maya? you are so helpful.
  4. Tamara - OMG That is truly remarkable. WOW. U look fantastic. You will need a pretty big stick lol!!!! Can't wait to see more photos over the weeks. Well done.
  5. Tamara - that is so excellent. the results are really noticeable. Are u walking on cloud 9 right now? it seems that there is the potential there for non-scarred skin. Thank u for posting your photos - it is so good to see these improvements in RL. Congratulations. I have an appointment soon so this is very encouraging for me. Subcision seems to winning out over laser.
  6. Maya......... not long to go now for your needling session. You must be getting very excited. I hope you take pics!
  7. tai - you are in luck - there is! Clearasil comes in a skin tone concealer. I'm sure there are even other OTC brands now.
  8. Will - lol - exactly what i was thinking!!!!!! Maybe he spells phonetically. no disrespect intended skimz.
  9. Everyone experiences their imperfections and flaws in different ways. I don't believe there is some sort of definative scale on rating how good or how bad someone's scars are. It is subjective and matters only to the person suffering. This board is not a competition to see who has the worst scars and so who truly deserves to be here. In my mind, we all deserve to be here, no matter how small or how big or how noticeable our scars are. I don't think people come here for fun! Good luck everyone
  10. Will - no it is with Dr Robert Drielsma at The Plaza Clinic, Bondi Junction. Here is the link - http://www.canberracosmeticsurgery.com.au/...re/wwa_tpc1.htm Someone recommended him to me (nothing acne-related) and he was the first consultation appointment I could get. I am going to budget for 3 consultations over a few months but I really want to get this show on the road so I have to start somewhere. I am going to book an appointment with Dr Walters soon. This dr performs subci
  11. Glad u are here. I am looking forward to maya's needling sessions. Can't wait to see the results and hear all about it. Juls - do you know anything about the dermal filler AQUAMID? i am in Australia and have an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon who does needling/subcision and also uses aquamid as a filler. He sent me some info before my appointment in March. Apparently it is mean't to be permanent and it is a one-off payment of Aus$1200. If u need any more info on it just ask. Thanks
  12. OMG - i am sitting here nearly crying. u are right. i have had these suspicions - that it is emotional. I ignore them though - sooo much hard work. I am going to look into dr stoll's skilled relaxation and the skin deep book. maya - from the bottom of my heart -thank you.
  13. maya - thanks for the peel advice. the aussie dollar is not so great right now so i pretty well would have to double the price I have been told my acne is hormonal. I have tried sooo many things - at first to get rid of it..then to prevent it...and now, just to manage it. I have seen naturopaths and taken herbs. I have taken all the usual vitamins recommended for acne. I have been on mino and differin gel. I have done the do nothing method. I have tried topicals - bp, teatree oil, aha creams
  14. here is a link I found with some good info - http://www.dralmeyda.com/procedures.html#coblation