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  1. Oh and I do have indented scars unfortunatly. Considering I never had acne before. I would pick at my face all the time.. Mistake I now know.
  2. Thank you. I'm currently using Nizoral shampoo every night when I'm in the shower as a face wash, seems to be working pretty well. Have had only one new pimples within the week. Thank you for the help guys. I thought I was weird for this happening to me.
  3. I just turned 25. I have never and I mean never had a problem with acne.. I started taking antibiotics awhile back as I had a chest infection that would not go away. I started getting acne pretty badly and I didn't link it to the anti biotics. My doctor put me on Differin (big mistake) Acne was ten times worse and then doctor told me to stop, as I was having a bad reaction to it. About four months of what was called by my doctor as "Sever" acne. It started to completly go away and I was left wit
  4. I was prescribed differin by a random doctor that I will see neer again as I spoke to him about haing three pimples on both of my cheeks.. Yes, I was concerned as I would get around two pimples a year. I used it for three months and the results were digusting. My cheek area was inflammed with gross cyst like pimples. I stopped using it and my skin started getting better within about two months. I'm now back to haing no acne but I do hae bad scaring and it's been about 5mths since I stopped using
  5. Hey Zhalvajegirl!! Just wanted to say thank you for bringing these products to my attention. Would never have bought them to help my acne in a million years. I have had one pimple all month and that was during a certain time of the month. Thank you so much. My confidence is up and I'm finally OK with wearing my hair up at work and feeling confident that people aren't stairing at my bad acne. Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!
    Has spf in it Made my skin greasy. Was looking for a moisturizer with SPF in it to wear under my make up on a daily basis. Thought it dried quickly, applied make-up and went off to work. Looked in the mirror later at work and was shocked at how greasy my face looked. Stopped using it then and there.
  6. is the nizoral still working?

  7. So in the past month I have had around 5 pimples. Which is amazing as I use to get atleast one new pimple a day. It all really happen when I saw the Olay regenerist line on sale at the local supermarket. I thought about all the harsh chemicals I'm putting on my face and how irratated it must be. So i decided to care for my skin and give it some extra TLC for a while as I was previously scrubbing, picking, touching, changing products every two seconds. So I bought Olay regenerist night cream and
    Didn't break me out Greasy Have to use it four times a day to see results Smells kinda fishy Made my skin very dry and flaky. Expensive Bought this as I have very bad acne scars on my face and also a big scar that I got on my hand from a deep cut. This serum smells so bad. Like fish. Due to one of the ingredients being shark liver. If I saw that before I bought it, I would never have gotten it. I also do not have that much time during my day to apply this four times a day..
  8. Sydney Girl

    Works well to moisturize the under eye area. Use it after shaving my legs to give a soft clean feeling and prevent shave rash Stops the itch from excema Used on my face and created a lot of closed comedones.. Greasy Used this product for pretty much everything when Tyra banks said it was her beauty secret. Had patches of excema on my face from using a beauty product. That caused a major case of closed comedones all over my cheek area. The only thing that I use this product
    Shrinks pimples within a day.. Two max. Although it's a very small bottle. The bottle has lasted me months because you only need a small amount Very small bottle Makes skin very dry and flaky but that's all BP products really Price!! So damn expensive Bought the entire system. Didn't like it too much. Didn't seem to make my skin better. Got a little worse actually and my face was one massive flake. The moisturizer that came with the pack is crap and doesn't moisturize anything. I
    Doesn't break me out Makes make-up go on smoother looking Helps with the flaking from the use of BP Love the fact that there is SP15 in it At first greasy but after a few mins the greasyness feeling goes away Smells like sunscreen I'm using the new formula. I don't understand what everyone is complaining about. I love it. Used many different Moisturizer/sunscreen products that were either not giving me enough moisture, breaking me out or too greasy. Saw this product on
  9. I wish I could go without make-up. Didn't wear make up for the first time in three months at my new job the other day and everyone kept saying I looked tired and did I have a huge night the night before. Erm.. thanks guys!!
  10. Ok. So here is another update. Was three week yesterday. Pretty happy with the results. Changed around the routin just a little Morning:Cetaphil cleanser for dry and sensitive skin Olay complete daily moisurizer with SPF15 for sensitive skin Night: Cetaphil cleanser again BP 2.5% Olay regenerist night cream So far, love the results. Found that the Olay regenerist cleanser was really harsh on my skin.. Made it really flaky. I have had on pimple in the last week. It's amazing. Now I have to fi
  11. I feel your pain. I get excema aswell but thankfully it's only seasonal excema. I get it around my eyes (eyes blow up like big crusty tomatos and patches on both sides of my mouth. The only thing that helps me is steroid creams but I don't really like using them because I know they can be bad for you if you use it for long periods of time.