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  1. At least it did something

    Lessened my acne Still have acne Outrageously expensive in the US After a five month course of accutane... I still have acne. Just not as much as before. I still break out every day though. I simply do not have the time and money to keep on treating it. I had to spend thousands on accutane. For that kind of money, I am very disappointed that I still have an acne problem.
  2. I have about 2 weeks left of my 5 month course of accutane and my face and back are still broken out in cysts. It is so disappointing. I know it will probably keep improving, but I still feel hopeless. I thought this would be the answer for me, but I still look hideous. I just wish there was someone who could understand. I feel so alone. I feel like nobody cares about me because I have this problem and there's no way to fix it. I was talking to this girl the other day and it seemed like she
  3. Wow. From all the hundreds of positive reviews I've read about accutane, I expected better than this. According to Wikipedia, nearly everyone experiences initial clearing of acne on a high dose treatment w/ accutane. I guess you never know what to expect.
  4. I'm on 40mg twice per day, for about 15 weeks. I am still breaking out everywhere. I wish it would stop! Any similar (or different) experiences from ex-accutaners? I try to be very good at following the rules- I always take the pill with food, and my skin is extremely dry in patches- not everywhere. But I'm still an unhappy mess with acne everywhere. My doctor says, "don't worry, it will work". But I just don't see how. I only have one more month left. Maybe I will go for 6 months (instead o
  5. Congratulations, dejaclairevoyant. In comparison to me you're very promiscuous. I am essentially a monk. I have been for many years.
  6. Yeah well I'm not exactly thrilled by the opportunity considering that they would gladly jump on any other guy that looked good to them at the time. I need one who is actually interested in ME. Not just a MAN. As if they are all the same.
  7. Excuse me for saying so, but you are a very lusty promiscuous woman. It is my personal feeling that I do not feel normal whilst I am in this condition. Therefore, I remain chaste and withdrawn. I simply cannot have a relationship with a woman who merely lusts over me, even in spite of obvious problems that I have. Why is it that women can never approach me in a friendly, amiable manner; instead giving me some ridiculous coy grin? Accutane is the answer to all of this nonsense. Eliminate the dise
  8. Yeah, it's easy for women. Men don't care whether you have acne or not. They are still looking you over like a piece of meat. Scov93: I am attractive and have acne. But having a disease spoils one's beauty.
  9. Sensible- ha! That's a good one. I never said that acne makes you ugly. I said it is unattractive, meaning an undesirable attribute.
  10. You guys are ridiculous. Have it your way- acne is attractive, and there is no such thing as having a criteria for physical beauty.
  11. It is rather pointless to debate what is attractive and unattractive, but if you want me to spell it out for you, I can oblige. Acne is unattractive. Enough said. In females, attractiveness is having a curvy body, big lips, etc. In men- muscles, masculinity, etc. The shape of the face applies to both sexes. Every person is essentially a prisoner in their own body. You can get cosmetic surgery, and take medications, and maybe things like that do people a lot of good. But you can't change yo
  12. That depends on who is doing the hiring also, and what kind of job you're applying for. However, in this world it seems that unattractive people are the majority and attractive people are the minority. People tend to group together with their own kind. If attractive people were the majority then maybe it would be more difficult to land a job if you were ugly, rather than handsome. You see, in America, we have very strict laws about "Equal Employment Opportunity". It is not ok to discriminate on
  13. Starting date: 11/21/12 Initial dosage: 40mg; 1 per day; (taken w/ food) Week 1 Day 4- I think I may be at the initial breakout stage. I quit drinking. I haven't noticed any unusual dryness yet. Day 7- Acne is going crazy. It is making it much worse than usual. Lips are dry and peeling. Using Carmex. Week 2 Day 10- Getting a lot of nose bleeds. Acne remains quite bad. Week 3 Day 16- I am extremely broken out now. It is much worse than usual. Week 4 Day 24- No noticeable improvement yet.
  14. Maybe u needed to increase your dose of accutane if it wasn't working. I don't understand these people saying that diet can cure your acne. That has not been proven.