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  1. thanks for your post =] i will try iodine on my face.

    good luck on your accutane journey :D

  2. hey jerichoa. i'm around your age i believe [17] i'm on the birth control diannette/diane-35.. unfortunately it has not done anything for my acne and i've been on it for 5 months. :/ i also get severe lower back pains during my periods and i get breakouts, sweaty, oil skin, etc. The best thing about bc is you can skip periods. i haven't had my period since august lmao. i doubt that's healthy...but my days of being absent on the first day of my period are gonee good luck!
  3. yeah i used to henna my hair a few years ago when i was 14.. my hair color is dark brown, like Kim Kardashian or eva longoria. and red henna made my hair this really dark kind of red that could only be visible in sunlight. but everybody noticed surprisingly. henna smells like Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!
  4. noooooo. pharmacists just prescribe meds and talk to you about side effects. i used to think they prescribe shit too but they don't.. go to a walk in clinic for a prescription or a family doctor. that's the only way you can get meds from pharmacies. and pharmacists don't make meds.. they basically just distribute them and organize prescrption info, etc.
  5. lmfao :) what a horrible revelation. the truth hurts indeed!!! i'm convinced!
  6. i am ALWAYS ALWAYS mad.every day all day. my parents have told me they intentionally avoid me because im probably going to bitchh in half a secondd. im mad cause of my acne! and on those rare occasions that im not bitchy... i'll remember my acne and be like.. FUCK!
  7. hey i just wanted to say something about this candida buisness I'm 17 and i took 4 different antibiotics for almost 5 years. and last year i developed some severe kind of candida shit on my face. and i still have it 2 years later on top of acne. apparently it differs by each individual. i was good until last year. and i got off bactrim last month and i'm getting cysts again and i have candida as well. my idiot derm says i have to wash my face more :/
  8. LOL. yeah most parents think like that, especially if they never had acne. That's why you get a job like i did, and pay for your own needs. I'm also a teenager and i prefer not to deal with my parents nonsense anymore by doing my own thing.
  9. when i was 16... few months ago.. that was the worst fucking year of my life . i will never forget that age. i got bullied by EVERYONE because of my acne... ok i could go on forever butt.. trust me, if you're boyfriend is still with you throughout this shitty phase, then you have nothing to worry. When i first started getting acne ( 13-14) the guy i loved/love dumped my ass and asked me what was wrong with my face.. but you're boyfriend is still with you .. it' s not some sort of contract that
  10. WOW. i had the same exact effing problem when i was using topical creams such as tazorac, stievamycin, clindamycin. the stuff would stay on my face even after i showered, washed my face with soap, etc. & i had to scrub the cream off which scrubbed my pimples off because i applied the cream on my pimples. and now i am left with red marks on my cheeks. and more whiteheads. my derm told me to wash my face.. i was like wtf i already do. so i stopped using the cream because i found that they
  11. fuck. i woke up this morning with the most painful thing on my chin. i get cysts on my chin and forehead, in clusters. and they have like 3 whiteheads in them. and hurrttttt. i have a fungal infection/100s of whiteheads all over my cheeks. it literally looks like there is toe jam on my cheeks. i'm waiting for a derm appointment but it's been 2 months and i still haven't gotten an appointment booked. its that crowded! i stopped getting cystic acne [ though i had blackheads, fungal bacteria, whi
  12. is it because of what i wrote on your profile? " Hey fugly " it just sounds funny.. nothing personal man sorry if it offended you or something..
  13. If you mean putting your life on hold untill you get clear, no. I think alot off people here have done that and slowly the days you spend waiting turn into years.. true fact! i have an aunt whose in her 40s with cystic acne, and she thought she'd grow out of it!