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  1. I think the closest product from that radiance essence is neutrogena´s healthy skin lotion, it has most of the vitamins (A,C,E and B5) and AHA, it also has spf15 so its really helpful, the onlything is that it really stings when u put it on (OWWWWW :oops: ). I too quit using bp, too harsh and i kept getting those nasty "regulars", so just use the neutrogena deep pore cleanser (kinda harsh, do any of u know any other neutrogena cleanser that might be more gentle) and the healthy skin lotion
  2. u know if it actually helps with red marks???
  3. I heard that AHA moisturizer are good since they exfoliate the skin and also fade red marks, i got yesterday the neutrogena healthy skin face lotion with spf 15, it has vitamins a, c, e and pro vitamin B5, but when i put it on it kinda stings for a while and makes my face kinda red, is this ok with AHA or something is wrong?
  4. i got it a few days ago but i heard its kinda poweful so i decided to try it without the bp but it still is really powerful so is there any other neutrogena cleanser (its kinda the only thing i can find over here) thats a little softer with my face
  5. Week 3 A white head on my chin and one bellow my nose, the bad news is that my old red marks are turning into brown spots, i put a post on the regimen board so if anyone has any ideas on getting rid of them plz post them there, i explain my situation there
  6. yea mercury keep us posted on your results, i think its a good idea just to use it at night and rubbing it in but since i havent tried it i dont know if it actually works on red marks and brown spots
  7. my old red marks are turning into brown spots, i dont know why, can someone plz help me this is what i use Neutrogena Deep Cleanser 2.5% bp Neutrogena Combination Skin Moisturizer is there anything here that may provoke my red marks into becoming darker? and i havent been out on the sun for a lot, im gonna start using today an spf 30 sun block with aloe vera and vitamin E, and its hypo-allergenic and "Paba free" (what the hell is paba) ill keep posted but if someone can help plz dont hesit
  8. well i think ill do that since i have the neutrogena deep cleanser and the neutrogena combination skin moisturizer (both of them have s. acid) i dont want to mix them with the bp, so ill use them in the morning and at night ill wash my face with some dove soap and use bp on problem areas do u think thats the right way to go???
  9. i heard somewhere that the normal acne (like my hormonal acne) not the one that i get from rubbing my face to much and so on, takes about a month or more to form and thats why we keep getting breakouts during the regimen the first few months but i dont know if the use of bp actually helps preventing these because my face has a lot of dead skin on it, its almost a layer full of dead skin, im using a moisturizer twice a day but i just dont seem to get my skin to normal, i use half a finger of bp.
  10. garkee heard that the neutrogena multi-vitamin essence helps with the red marks, is that true??? sorry about the ppl who sacrificed themselves in the bombings, over here (venezuela) theres some political problems here, we may even enter dictatorship godspeed with acne heal
  11. i heard it does but i dont know, and i need some help on that department
  12. Well thought the log would be done better on a weekly basis Week 2 I have: * Neutrogena Deep Cleanser *2.5 % bp generic tube *Neutrogena Combination Skin Moisturizer i have three white heads on my chin (big trouble area) and one on my forehead, all of them are drying up nicely thanks to the bp, and im not too dry cause of the moisturizer, my only problem is the red marks, i have a LOT of them, maybe by next week ill find something that would work, ive been reading everyday gregg_has_ac
  13. Everyone who has had acne has them so i decided (im full of red marks) that we should make a post were everybody shares theyre experiences: Until know i heard of these products that may help them disappear *DESITIN: gregg_has_acne is running a log with his experiment trying this out. Lately i heard him say that his face got really white and he cant get off the Desitin, maybe thats why we tought that was helping with the red marks since it was just painting your face in white *Vitamin A, B5 a
  14. well ive tried everything, i got the neutrogena moisturizer that says it would control shines, just bought the deep clean cleanser thats supposed to do somethin about the oil and i just thought that by applying the bp in the t zone it would get dry because thats what it did with the rest of my face, it doesnt get oily right away after i apply the regimen, but in 4 hours or so im really oiled up anyone know a way of controling this( i dont want to wash my face 6 times a day, cant afford just pu