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  1. Heya MVA, great move joining the site, it really does provide great support & info to help the fight against acne & everything that goes along with it. Il keep an eye out for ya. Beav. (A veteran acne fighter!)

  2. Awful. I'm breaking out on both sides of my cheeks and the pimples are very red and inflamed. This is getting me especially down because i have a play rehearsal tomorrow (well today coz it's 3 am) and i'm going to look crappy.. sigh well i will try and be positive tomorrow, but it's gonna be a challenge
  3. hey thanks so much hotspot worked ! and i just finished watching it... it was alright.. im glad that people got to see how people with acne feel, but i thought they could have had a better selection of people on the show... i mean the girls were alright but brandon was very whiney and selfish and i felt sorry for his mum... and i agree the last line was ridiculous... hahaha
  4. Omg this freaking sucks..i really want to see it...but I'm from Australia.. and the videos don't work for my region on their website... :'(
  5. You are a complete piece of sh*% . Just look at yourself....you are sick..you know that, so very very sick. You gain pleasure from making me feel insecure and disgusting, but you know what YOU are the disgusting one.. I want you to go f*&king die in a f*&king hole, you bitch... You are like the biggest bitch I have ever met...oh and believe me i have encountered my fair share of bitches and not one of them even compares to your level of bitchiness. JUST F YOU F YOU F YOU. I WANT YOU DEA
  6. Hey, congrats on your beautiful clear skin! looks amazzzingg :D. I think i'm going on Roaccutane soon.. yays!

    also LOL at the guy below/above me

  7. MeVsAcne

    My Skin Journey

    Hello anyone who may be viewing this album, basically i created it because i want to keep track of how my skin is improving/getting worse (i'm hoping improving :S). I did have worse acne, but it has improved a bit overtime and with various products/home remedie, however, lately i have been breaking out in places where i don't usually break out (My cheeks) and the places where i sued to break out the most are looking rather clear (but my skin is never completely clear sadly :() Well this is main