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  1. the AHA kills bacteria and inflammation? Isn't that the job of benzoyl peroxide? Well...BP prevents the inflammatory response by killing the bacteria. AHA+ inhibits the inflammatory response. So, two different methods. Bacteria, on the other hand, is killed in two different ways with BP / AHA+. BP eradicates the bacteria with oxygen. Very effective. AHA+ lowers the pH of your skin, thus making it a much less habitable place for the bacteria to live. Our skin is naturally acidic (pH of around
  2. My best guess is that your face isn't completely dry when you apply the BP. Thus, the BP might not be able to absorb as well, thus causing less dryness. Or, the skin is just less dry to begin with and thus less dry after the BP. But, Dan said to apply it to a completely dry face, so I guess as long as your face is that dry (even if it only takes 3 mins, instead of 5), you're not doing anything wrong.
  3. Definitely at night. My face is already dry during the day, but using BP in the morning would be too much. I work in a very social place and I'd really rather not have my face flaking while I'm talking to people. :D
  4. That's what I'm going to test. My case of acne is very mild to begin with, and I'm on day 11 of using dan's BP once a day (not full strength yet, just one full pump). I'm already seeing improvement, I only have about 1 active whitehead. Of course, my skin is dry all the time now (and flaking a bit :( ). I use a generous amount of Dan's moisturizer but my skin still gets dry 30 mins after or so.
  5. The AHA+ product includes an alpha-hydroxy acid that will get rid of acne marks slowly. It's also a moisturizer. The other moisturizer is just a moisturizer, nothing else. So, go for the AHA+.
  6. I currently use Olay complete spf 15 sensitive skin formula. This one has zinc instead of some other chemical sunscreen they use it their normal version. I've had the same bottle of it for months since you don't need a whole lot. Honestly, I'm just using it until Dan's sunscreen comes out. Also, even if it's cloudy and doesn't seem like your skin would be hit by the sun's rays, it still is. To a lesser degree, yes, but it's still a concern.
  7. Do you use sunscreen? That's absolutely mandatory when using BP and also to get rid of redmarks since the sun's rays make them darker.
  8. I'm simply asking because I'm on the third day of using dan's regimen (only applying the BP once per day since my skin is sensitive) and I haven't had any of those side-effects yet.
  9. Yes, it weakens your skin from continued use. So, even if you wash the current amount of bp on your face off, your skin will still burn more easily. Similar to what happens when using a product with an AHA. You'd have to stop using BP for weeks (or so, not really sure) for the skin to fully recover.
  10. So, I've been using Dan's AHA+ as my main treatment option since july or so of 2010. It has worked well enough until recently. I would always get 1 or 2 pimples a week or so. Slowly it started ramping up to where I'll usually have 1 or 2 active pimples. Though, they're only whiteheads. They never go into the worse stages of acne. So, mine is relatively mild. But, still, it's annoying. I just bought Dan's BP + new moisturizer in the hopes of finally destroying the acne once and for all, but my
  11. Acne takes at least 28-30 days to form. So, there's no possible way that the acne breakout you had was 100% caused by the masturbation. The problem with the test is that it's impossible to know if you would have had the breakout even if you didn't masturbate 3 times that day. Also, I'm fairly certain that masturbation has nothing (well, almost nothing) to do with acne. Yes, the hormone levels change for a very short time, but they go back to normal quickly. I've heard it raises testosterone, wh
  12. This is like every acne myth put into one post.
  13. A dermatologist will either give me BP (pretty sure my skin is far too sensitive for it), topical/oral antibiotics (not good in the long run, acne could come back worse), or a combo benzaclin (bad in both ways for me). I suppose Retin-a could be an option, though. Or other retinoids. Not sure which one is better: differin, adapalene, or retin-a/micro? Also, the other thing is that getting an appointment takes forever. Like around 6 months, I've heard. And, my insurance blows. Well, at least th
  14. Have you tried using the salicylic acid in the form of a toner, or even switching to a moisturizer containing sal acid? it will be much more effective as a leave on treatment as oppose to something u just have on for a few secs and wash off, will give it time to work Well, that makes sense. But, I'm trying something new first. I use Dan's cleanser, pat face dry with towel (only used for this), apply CVS Aloe vera sensitive skin gel (alcohol, dye, fragrance free), and then I apply either Ola
  15. Thanks a bunch for the link. Very helpful. I'm going to take their advice (somewhat) and use Dan's cleanser, Aloe vera gel, then Dan's moisturizer. Or I'll use Olay complete for sensitive skin with spf 15 if I'm going out. At night, I'll swap in the AHA+ instead of the moisturizer.