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  1. faithinhim: hey yes i did make one!! haha thanks for helping me with that michellemac: thank you i hope it works well for me, also congrats on your engagment! even though that was a while ago (lol sorry, i read your posts, how stalkerish of me) hateAcne!: hey thanks, your only a week ahead of me so ill keep track of how you're going Maybe i should describe my skin and all that type of thing Well Ive had oily skin for the past 5ish years, starting when i was 13. Recently i moved to a hotter ar
  2. Hello, i started accutane recently too wow those side afects kicked in fast, my eyes havent dried up, though they do get really red sometimes like they've been itchy or something which is weird becasue they aren't. U havent had dry lips yet because i ALWAYS put lip balm on, though they feel weird now so im scared if i leave a lip balm at home and dont put it on, they wil really dry out haha, Good luck on your course!!
  3. Hello! i started Accutane on the 21st of April, I am currently on day 9 and the obly side affects ive had so far is a 10-12 hour long headache on day three, tender lips (but not dry! since i ALWAYS have lip balm on them) my skin is stil REALLY OILY and i think im going through my initial breakout, i havent had such bad skin ever! but I'm hoping that will go away soon :S. My doctor prescrubed me with e-mycin to prevent this but that didnt really seem to work.. oh well. Im also on 20mg a day for t
  4. Hello! i also started accutane this month, i started on the 21st so it has been 1 week! yay, my face hasnt fried up yet (its REALLY oily!) and my lips are tender, i also got headaches qround day 3 or 4
  5. Hello!! i also started accuatane on the same day as you! Ive started breaking out a little now grr my lips are tender but havent started to dry ( my lips have had atleast some lipbalm on them at ALL times since i started) i got a massive headache on the 3rd day which lasted about twelve hours haha, im hopin my skins going to get less oily becasue right now it is SUPER OILY!! I was going to do an accuatne log on this site but not really sure how too hehe oh well, i hope accutane works for both o
  6. I'm in Australia too and we don't have any where near the restrictions that a female in the US would. I was written my prescription on my first visit and given some forms to get some blood work taken which included a pregnancy test but I was able to get my script filled before I had the tests if I had wanted. In the US they can't even fill their prescription for a whole month after their blood work has been taken and have to have two pregnancy tests or something like that. Yeah I'd definite
  7. hmm looks ike my derm is giving me the wrong ifo then haha, ho well when i go in next week ill ask him about it, i dont know what ipledge is?? ive seen it on a lot of posts but since im from australia we dont have that questionaire thing as far as i know
  8. I'm starting roaccutane next week, my derm has prescribed me with e-mycin antibiotic and the pill (yaz) which i am suposed to take as well as the accutane. I thought that you can't take any other medication with accutane, is that true? also he want me to have shemical peels while im on roaccutane which he said would help, is this true too? because I thought you couldnt do chemical peels, microdermabrasion while on roaccutane.