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  1. I've just finished my first month on yasmin, and my skin is getting worse not better! I used to be on Dianette but my doc won't give me it anymore so am on yasmin. Has anyone else been on yasmin? how long does it take to work?
  2. Thanks guys, your replys are really helpful. There are so many horror stories about Yasmin online that it is nice to get some positive, honest feedback. To know that its normal to feel not great at first, but that it can get better. Thank you
  3. Just been to see my doctor, got a repeat script for duac once daily, and I asked for some aquagel or something else similar as well to use of a morning (duac at night). Anyway, the doc said that using another BP product of a morning as well as duac won't help, but instead gave me dermol????? Anyone got any clues? Its a moisturiser/body cream thing i think, not sure about using it on my face! any help please
  4. Thanks for your reply, its good to hear someone saying something good about yasmin. did you have an initial breakout of did your skin just get better?
  5. Just Duac - my doc wouldn't give me anything else. My skin does seem to like duac, doesn't get too dry or anything like it does with other things i've tried. I also suffer from melasma soanyone know what to use to help that, suggestions would be very welcome
  6. Does everyone get an IB with yasmin? has anyone just had their skin improve with it? Just started it, and I am scared it will make it worse! Also, i am 31, anyone know whats best to try for my hormonal acne? I have been taken off dianette (diane 35), and my doc won't give it me again, my age being a factor, so just wondering what other have done
  7. Hi, I am using duac once a day at night, was wondering, can it be used twice a day? I know its called ONCE a day etc, but I was wanting to use it morning and night as my skins really bad
  8. I am trying yasmin again, as I cannot get dianette anymore. Currently on day 5, and feeling quite tearful, anxious, sick, tired etc. I have read all the horror stories about yasmin, so I don't really need to hear them again. What I am looking for is advice, has anyone taken Yasmin and had the side effects fade/go away with time? are the side effects normally bad at first then get better?
  9. i was on dianette for over 10 years, it was the onlything that ever cleared up my acne. I also suffer from depression, but I had that and was on anti-depressants before i started on dianette, so bcp isn't the cause. I have been off dianette for just over 6 months now, and my skin has gotten bad again. I also have melasma, prob caused by the bcp, BUT it didn't go when i stopped the bcp, infact if anything it has gotten worse. My depression did seem a bit better off the bcp, but my acne makes me
  10. Yeah im on Sertraline for my depression, but my dermatologist has said she won't consider roaccutaine due to my depression.
  11. I am on day 2 of Yasmin, this is my third time trying it, the first time i lasted 2 months but it made me so ill i got put back on dianette, second time was a few months ago, made me feel unwell so i stopped it. I have been told by my gp and dermatologist I def cannot have dianette again, so I am trying Yasmin again as a desperate attempt! it makes me feel sick, tired, anxious, and today I have really bad lower abdominal pain round my bladder area, not sure if thats yasmin or not. My acne is cy
  12. Hi, I was on Dianette for over 10 years, and it was the only thing that cleared up my acne. Anyway, when I came off Dianette, over 6 months ago now my skin has gotten worse, and seems to keep getting worse! I was on Lymecycline but it is no longer working. I use Duac once a day at night. My GP gave me a blood test to check my hormonal levels, and I have been told that they came back normal. So I'am a bit confused, I have always felt that my acne is hormonal as Dianette was the only thing tha
  13. Hi, I've read that peppermint tea can be good for hormonal acne, but I was wondering if anyones tried peppermint oil capsules? Any experience with this or any info would be great
  14. I am currently using REN mayblossom cleanser, which is gentle. Was wondering whether to switch to liquid black soap
  15. Hi all, I am hoping that you guys can help me. Black Soap from africa - whats the deal with it? Is it good for acne? Will it help with cysts? Is it too drying? Do you have an IB? can it be used on the face? And finally, is the liquid version as good as the bar version? as I hate using bar soap. I have heard it is meant to be good, but I am 31 so am concerned as I haven't used a soap for many years, only cleansers. Any info, advice etc would be very gratefully recieved.