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  1. Hey Ranger! We began week 17 today and it is still horrible. Still huge cysts and new breakouts. We are also still on 10 mgs prednisone, but once he goes below 20, it really doesn't help. I just really don't know what to do anymore and he is getting more and more upset about it. We go to the derm. on Friday, I'm hoping they will up the accutane from 40mgs. but I don't know, they haven't yet. I'm not sure why they won't increase the dosage but they have not wanted to. I just don't understand why
  2. This quote about not looking for a magic pill, eat right, exercise?????? You've got to be kidding me right????? What does that work to clear up one little pimple that some people think is acne? This is why stupid think that if you wash your face you wouldn't have acne!! People with severe, and I do mean severe, not one pimple, this crap is too hard for them to deal with. If only it were so easy as to eat right and exercise!!! Well, hell why hadn't I thought of that? Let me run tell my son that.
  3. Thanks so much for asking about him. We went for an unscheduled visit to the derm. on Thursday. He will be on the accutane 13 weeks on Monday and his face is still just breaking out horribly. It was doing better on the prednisone, but he went off that last Monday and by Thursday he had 8-10 more cysts than he had, and he still has all the bad redness from all of this flare. I don't know what to do anymore, I have cried and cried over this thinking I should not have put him on it. The Dr. thursda
  4. So glad that the accutane was a success for you. I have a question, my 14 year old son is in his tenth week of accutane. It has mad his acne horrible, 100 times worse that before accutane. I am worried it is not going to work for him and I feel guilty for letting him use it. Did your face get worse before better, or did it just start to clear. He now is going to have terrible scarring from the acne and it is still breaking out horrible. I don't know what to do. Thanks for your help.
  5. Thanks again. We start week 10 tomorrow and I thought last week that maybe we were seeing progress, but today there is probally about 10 new active cysts and whiteheads. He is also still on prednisone and we are seeing this!! I am becoming really discouraged for him and that makes me feel even guiltier. I don't say anything to him, but I feel like the worst Mom in the world right now. I am thinking of calling the derm. back tomorrow and just quitting. I can't take this guilt anymore and he proba
  6. Hi Ranger! I am writing for my son. He is 14 and on week 9 of accutane. He is having a severe initial breakout, Dr. said he sees less than 5% of people with this! I am feeling so guilty for putting him on this. I am holding on that this will work. They upped his dosage yesterday to 40, was only on 20 due to breakout. He is also on prednisone. I feel so bad for him. I can't sleep because I am so worried, so have been reading your blog. Thank you!