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  1. Depending on your type of acne, anti-inflammation molecules might help: flax seed oil, grape seed oil, vitamin c/e, papaya, zinc (cucrbita pepo oil). That helps to reduce acne inflammation.
  2. Seems to help. My suggestion is to also take "pumpkin seed oil" and "grape seed oil" (in salads or supplements). Oil provide energy but also, and especially grape seed oil, helps with inflammation. Research on linoleic acid, alpha linolenic acid.
  3. If you research this site you will realize that antibiotics are just a temporal solution. Good that it worked for you, but now you need to find a regimen to control acne, like supplements, moisturizers, BP on stronghold, etc. Research.
  4. Yes but it is not the idea. If you drink some alcohol, do it several hours after taking the antibiotic.
  5. I use zinc in the mositurizer, Avene Clean-AC. It helps, but in my view, any solution takes more than a week to see results, sometimes months and don't let the skin to get use to the product (I use two moisturizer, not the same everyday).
  6. Just use the right moisturizer, the one that restore skin lipids and protect the skin with antioxidants. Examples: Fisiogel A.I. or Effaclar H. Just use the right amount, do not bath on it. You can also mix it with a little bit of Aloe vera.
  7. Well that is true. What I have learnt is not to use only one product to for example, moisturize the skin because the skin got use to it. In your case, as a woman you should research this site and try to find a solution to your problem: my advice is to research antioxidants (supplements, in food), fatty acids (I change to Linoleic acid for instance, in grape seed oil for salads, I use moisturizer, two brands, both of them to restore skin lipids and I use Salycilic Acid on the spot (to avoid Infla
  8. Perhaps it clog your pores first time but later the skin got use to it.
  9. If you have inflammed pimples, read about how to reduce Inflammation. read about Zinc, Salycilic Acid on the Spot, BP on the spot and Linoleic Acid (which you find in grape seed oil). Research dude!
  10. Look, with acne anything can happen. Body chemistry is different in every person. Also, there is nothing topical or supplements that can stop acne for ever. Good thing is, you can improve noticeable the problem to a manageable domain, also with a normal but healthy diet. So the only way for you to know is to try something, in your case, the moisturizer. And research the why. If you do that, share your impressions some months later. Note: I manage to do that, because I know that accutane is not
  11. You can take ibuprofen (just a few days, read the intructions), check Effaclar A.I to help reducing inflammation in the first stages (due to its content of Salycilic Acid), in your salads make sure you use grape seed oil (or any other oil with linoleic acid), or grape seed extract pills or flax seed and drink plenty of water. Also make sure reducing sugar ingestion and a healthy but normal diet.
  12. Yes I use it. I mix that with Effaclar H, just a thin layer to cover the face. Linoleic Acid, alpha Linolenic acid are fatty acids, essentials for cellular membrane health and skin health. Thing is, sebum produce by the gland, tipically contain more Oleic acid in its composition, producing irritation in acne prone skin. But, if your sebum contain less oleic acid and more linoleic acid, this helps reducing irritation and inflammation. So that is the reason to use Grape seed oil in salads. Now the
  13. Is good, it contain zinc, cucurbita and it does not let your face shinny. My recommendation though is to also use a moisturizer based on skin lipids (vegetable oils, squalene, olive oil, etc), this let your face shinny so you can use it before bed, mixed with aloe vera. This helps reducing inflammation, due to the linoleic acid.
  14. I would say, if you are clear right now and your reunion is close, just don't do anything. But if you have acne for 5 years, I would suggest to change your diet, eat well, drink enough water, take Flax seed oil or Grape seed oil/extract, use some mild soap for your face (see Effaclar products or a soap based on tea tree oil), change pillow cover, read about egg masks and a moisturizer that contain some vegetable oil. Research and give yourself time to try.
  15. You can help yourself using SA on the spot and ibuprofen for those nodules/cysts when you see it coming. Also take flax seed oil or grape seed oil/extract to increase the level of linoleic acid in your body, which helps reducing inflammation. Don't know your age but a moisturizer based on skin lipids is also good (just a thin layer), perhaps mixed with aloe vera. Research more on that.