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  1. maria84

    Lightstim For Adult Acne

    I am considering buying the Lightstim for acne. My skin texture is ruined from over-applying a product a few years ago. I am prematurely aging. It seems the Lightstim for acne helps with skin texture as well as acne. Has anyone found that the Lightstim for acne is drying at all? I read once that blue LED lights can dry skin, but I can't seem to find that information anymore.
  2. maria84

    How Long To Clear Up On Yaz

    I've been on Yaz for 8 months. I get a couple of pimples here and there still. It's helped quite a bit. How much longer is it going to take? I also have dry skin from treatments and there's this oil I really want to use..but I can't if I know I'll break out. :/
  3. maria84

    Sephora Mineral Foundation Compact

    i'm looking for advice on this too. it looks really good by the ingredients label
  4. maria84

    Any1 on SAW PALMETTO?

    I would like to take this but I read that it causes bad breath. Has anyone had this problem?
  5. maria84


    Do you guys know if it's safe to use a .5mm dermaroller over acne? I have white head and some small/medium pustules
  6. maria84

    A Zinc-less Zinc Regimen for Adults: Draft 4

    I didn't go through this whole list but I am going to throw Ionized zinc out there. I bought some and have been using it for less than a week. If anyone is interested, I'll tell you how it goes.
  7. maria84

    Oil Pulling

    After a few minutes it's like you're swishing around water. It's fine
  8. maria84

    How much Zinc should I take?

    Nuts and seeds have significantly decreased amounts of phytic acid if you soak them for their optimal amount of time.
  9. maria84

    Any1 on SAW PALMETTO?

    You are describing my acne exactly. Crazy! I'm in my mid 20's so hopefully it'll just be caput by my 30's.
  10. maria84

    Dairy = Acne

    Many things have dairy in them. A big one is chocolate bars. Manufacturers sneak dairy into A LOT of things. You will find dairy in smaller quantities in Some breads Chips You name it. Read your labels and study up!
  11. maria84

    Fructose aggravate acne?

    Refined sugar affects insulin levels more than unrefined in a lot of circumstances. In females, high insulin level can lead to high androgen level, which can affect acne.
  12. maria84

    For those of you on Vitex ....

    I am so glad we have a naturopath on acne.org! I have a question for you, I was on BCP for almost a year, then I quit and went on Vitex within the week. For the first two months my skin was great but now I'm just finishing my third month and my acne is awful! Do you think my body is adjusting from not being on BCP? Maria
  13. maria84

    Moisturizing with oil . . .

    That's what worried me about them also. Plus the place where I found safflower oil only had the high oleic, not linoleic, which is the bad kind. Anyone know where to find the emu oil? Or the raspberry oil? you can get red raspberry oil for the best price from lotioncrafter.com i noticed that the red raspberry oil is very dry so if you have dry skin, probably best not to use it or only use a drop
  14. maria84

    Iodine is evil!

    Iodine is not evil! If you don't get enough iodine you could get a goiter. Just don't have tonnes. The recommended daily does is 150 mcg which is the equivalent to a few kelp granules.
  15. maria84

    Black Currant Oil

    yes, black currant has more gla than evening primrose and borage oil has the most.