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  1. I accutane tomorrow and I feel like I should throw a party!!! I want my energy back. I want to not panic when I forget my aquaphor! All in all it worked. Not a single cyst in 4.5 months!!!!
  2. I went to an outdoor party this weekend and got eaten alive by mosquitos. I noticed some of the pumps were more red and some of them had a clear-yellow blister in the middle. I heard it is generally best not to pop your skin as this prevents bacteria from gaining access to open areas of your skin and causing an infection. It's best to allow nature to take its course and let your skin heal naturally. I couldn't resists popping just one but now it itches like crazy. Why did my skin make the y
  3. Finally in the home stretch... Tired all the time. Dry eyes. Itchy skin. Still not as bad as others have said. My blood tests have all been ok since month 2. I had one nose bleed. I notice my nails are very fragile and tear, cuts and scrapes take a long time to heal, and sometimes when I go number two it really hurts (TMI I'm sure but people like to know what to expect). Not a single cyst since month 1!!!! My skin looks great. Flawless almost. I'm a little pink but whatever, I'll take
  4. You are so smart. Thank you! Is this why cuts and scrapes seem to take forever to heal?
  5. All of a sudden I have the chapped lips everyone is talking about. I'm thankful it didn't start until now but it sucks. No matter how much water I drink and how often I reapply Aquaphor they are still chapped. I'm literally applying Aquaphor every 5 minutes. My triglycerides are back to normal which is good and they finally found a nurse who can get a good blood draw. They sent me to another lab twice because they couldn't find a good vien and now I'm being charged crazy amounts of mone
  6. I am almost done with month 3! My doctor upped my dosage from 40mg once a day to a total of 80mg. My skin is a little more dry but nothing too significant. My pores still are pushing out "debris". So tempted to use a pore strip but I read that is a bad idea. I actually seem to have a little more energy. I don't know why. My tryglyceride counts were a little high last month but she said nothing to worry about. The doctor asked me to use natural tears, a non scented lotion and body soap,
  7. Where are you in your treatment? I just started month 3. Almost half way there...
  8. So far so good. I guess I have been lucky. My tryglyceride count was slightly high. 150 or 190 I can't remember. The doctor said they don't worry until level 400. That scares me. Skin is a little itchy. My dosage got bumped from 40mg to 80mg as of yesterday so I'm very nervous my side effects are going to double too. I have a headache today like I did when I first started the treatment. It looks like my skin pores are pushing everything out and they are getting much smaller. Quite inte
  9. I am 28 years old and have had acne since I was 13. Sounds like an intro to AA. I used to break out all over. All kinds of pimples. Now that I am older I only get acne on my chin. The cystic type. The kind that makes you want to crawl in a hole with a bag over your head. The painful, if I bend over my face throbs type. I've tried antibiotics, topicals, expensive face creams, you name it... My doctor and I decided that I should try Accutane. I kind of obsessed over researching it. I'm s
  10. Being abstinent is great. Good for you. But what if, GOD FORBID, something happen against your will? It's called rape. No condom. No birth control. I'm assuming you would not want to abort the baby. How fair is it to put a child in a position where they would have to live with birth defects that were 100% preventable? Do you have any idea how difficult it is to care for a special needs child? I would hate for that to happen to anybody but this is one of the big reasons why birth control
  11. Hmmm... I've had a lot of crazy stuff happen to me also but I just chalked it up to bad luck. I cut my foot on a pair of "bad" sandals. I got a tiny little cut on my foot and ended up in the ER with a staph infection!!! Worst pain I have ever been in and I've broken bones... I was on heavy doses of antibiotics for 10 days and 3 days before I finished I ended up with a crazy, crazy yeast infection. I thought it was just from the antibiotics. I had been eating yogurt the entire time so I did
  12. My chin broke out pretty bad. Several cysts. I contracted a staph infection, unrelated, and had to start on heavy duty antibiotics. On the plus side, my face is starting to settle down. I turn red easily. My skin peels a little but not too bad. Dry eyes for sure. I can tell my nose is dry but no nose bleeds. I'm scared to up the dosage in a few weeks but what can I do? I'm ready to be done with acne. No sadness at all. It's amazing how something can affect so many people differently.