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  1. You can buy a mini-grinder from Monave for $15 (see the link below); I've also seen these on eBay--or maybe you have a small (clean) coffee grinder sitting unused at home... Monave Mini-Grinder
  2. The affordability is one thing I like about MMU--it's very inexpensive to try a new company, formula or color--so there's no reason not to find something you really like. Glad I could introduce you to some new sources!
  3. Hi, I started wearing MMU about a year ago, after reading about it on this board. I love it! I've been battling acne & congested pores for 20 years (I'm female in my early 40s) & am pleased to finally learn how to cover my skin imperfections without causing more problems. I've spent lots of time and a small fortune experimenting with foundations: brands, brushes, primers, concealers, etc, and share what I've learned with the hope that it will save you some leg work (& $$). Pleas
  4. I haven't had any problem with this, and I use Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder-Gel by Monistat (yes, that Monistat,but its not for yeast infections). Bonus: this product was less than $7 at WalMart.
  5. Try crownbrush.com. Great prices! Get at least one kabuki & one of the 7-piece mini sets & you should be off to a good start.
  6. Hey Vandergraf, It's normal not to feel comfortable with small talk...it's a skill you have to learn. It comes easier for some, and late high school/college is usually when people learn it. A few pointers. People love to talk about themselves: ask someone their opinion about a sports or other event; at a party, ask how they know the host (that one works well), or just introduce yourself & ask them their name! It gets easier, I promise. The important thing is to be yourself, and list
  7. Hey Amethys, You have to cycle through the lesions that were waiting to become future breakouts before you can get clear (it's the same for BP). That's the hard part, but Differin really works (at least it did for me). Just remember that a thin layer is the way to go (slathering it on doesn't make it work better)...and to put a dot in each sector of your face & spread it out from there. Hang in there...maybe you can find an oil-free base makeup to cover some of the redness...the store br
  8. I tried the same little kit Lexy got & was amazed at how irritating everything was. Then I realized that lemon oil, peppermint, menthol etc are irritants, so there you go!
  9. Paula's Choice from cosmeticscop.com--she has different strengths & formulas.
  10. Hi GM, I don't know what the ingredients of Irish Spring are, but if you don't want to take any chances with irritation, stick with Cetaphil. You can buy a huge bottle (store brand) for just a few bucks. Good luck!
  11. Lexy, Thanks for the great thread. I think you should take more photos, and send them to Skin Biology! The more feedback we can give Dr. P on his products, the better off we'll be! LuLu
  12. I like Paula Begoun's 1% & 2% BHA, & it has the correct pH. www.cosmeticscop.com.
  13. I agree with mely to a certain extent--don't expect miracles--I'm in my 6th month using 2% salicyilc acid & CP Super Serum daily, & have worked myself up to 2 40% lactic acid peels per week. I am pleased with how my issues with clogged pores have significantly decreased, and some light scarring on my cheeks is less visible. This could be because my face is less blotchy overall, but the bottom line is that I look better! Copper peptides work SLOWLY, so be patient & don't apply too