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  1. I would imagine this would vary from person to person depending on your insulin sensitivity, ability to digest carbohydrates, etc. I haven't drastically increased my food intake because I'm on a budget and trying to only eat healthy stuff. That limits you severely. Even if I had been, I've only been limiting my carb intake for about 3 weeks, so I couldn't give you any results worth pondering. I can say that my skin has improved dramatically over those 3 weeks (I've been pondering posting on the
  2. As a long-time lurker on here and someone who has tried just about everything I've read about on Acne.com, I can confidently say that the principles that databased puts forth here work. When adjusting my actual sleep time from 7 to hours, and getting just 2-3 hours of sunlight in the eyes per day, I notice a dramatic difference. After 3 weeks of the change, I am almost entirely clear (which I attribute to a few slip ups). I realized that the times when my skin was at its best were times
  3. I've been wondering about this. I've always used Edge gel. For a while, the clearest part of my face was the area where I shave. Now, pretty much the only part that breakouts out is where I shave. It could just have something to do with how irritating shaving is for your face. The frustrating thing is that shaving over inflamed areas always makes it worse, but letting the hair grow is just itchy, which irritates the skin and causes more inflammation/breakouts. Quite a catch-22...
  4. I realized I've been using this stuff without really knowing how it works. So supposedly jojoba oil penetrates deeply into pores, cleans stuff out, and moisturizes. If it's cleaning stuff out of your pores, where does the stuff go? To the surface of your skin? And if that's the case, shouldn't I be doing something AFTER I put jojoba oil on to get rid of the stuff that the oil pushes out?
  5. I've been using jojoba oil to moisturize for a while, and the results WERE great. After a few months, I realized that the areas of my combination face where the pores were larger (area under eyes and next to nose on either size) were accumulating little white bumps. Soon, they were appearing under my nose in my mustache area. I'm pretty sure these are non-inflamed comedones, because they eventually get inflamed, and I haven't figured out any way to get rid of them. They seem to very occasion
  6. -- from wikipedia Seems like lots of indigenous peoples have been eating it for a long time without experiencing any acne though -- I read in some book that to many Native Americans it was actually a staple. Pretty sure they didn't have acne. Gonna have to look into maize more though, if you people have any inputs then please post. Sounds like you're only avoiding it because of a "rare and understudied allergy." If it's really that rare, chances are, you don't have it. Just my $.02
  7. I would wane yourself off of it. If you've been taking it every day, take it 6 days a week, then 5, then 4, etc. That's what I did and the breakouts resulting from quitting were minimal. I've read that quitting cold turkey can cause you to break out, and I had tried just abruptly quitting before and the results weren't pretty. How long have you been on Solodyn? It'll be easier to figure out whether or not that helped if your introduction to it didn't coincide with your new topical regimen.