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  1. Remember to be in the right mindset; You're attacking the acne on a topical level (literally cleansing your skin on the outside). You gotta keep a positive mind set and keep doing the regimen daily and consistently. I didn't see much of anything until almost 3 months in. (:
  2. It sounds like you might not be working the BP correctly? (The best information I've ever heard if you're aiming for the consistency of wet paint) I'm not sure what you mean by white stuff. If it's after you apply the moisturizer, it could be the moisturizer clumping up with the BP since it hasn't fully dried. (Seriously though, I put on 3 pumps once and it didn't take more than 20 minutes or so) Try changing how you apply the BP? D:
  3. I don't own Jojoba oil so I can't say much but; I usually apply AHA spot by spot (and basically it ends up covering my whole face) every few days or more often when I feel a break out coming (when I remember too and am not feeling to lazy). But the thing is, it depends on how your skin reacts. I've read on the forums that some people get really itchy/stingy when they use too much AHA. Only pre-caution I've read is that you want to be careful with the amount of sun your getting while using AHA
  4. It's what I do! Basically, I apply the cleanser as the very last step and then begin rinsing everything off (since you're not supposed to keep it on for very long). Then I shave and then dry my face. Wait a minute or two, and then apply BP!
  5. @hotglu01: A little more than 3 months now, but I have some great news to report (: Day I know no idea So, the regimen has become a daily thing for me. Recently due to work and other stresses in my life, I usually pass out before I'm able to the evening part. But, I have to report with some great progress. My Acne isn't fully gone, but oh man is it better. My right cheek is ALMOST gone of those nasty red marks that would never go away. My left cheek is getting better every few weeks, and it lo
  6. So, in the evening, after I apply BP; Does AHA replace my moisturizer? Or do I moisturize after applying the AHA? Thanks (:
  7. Good luck man! I hope the regimen rids you of all your acne (:
  8. On the other side of things, I'm very happy with the regimen. Before I started the regimen, I was using over the counter stuff to wash my face and moisturize it. Now, I don't know too much about skin care or things like that. But, Dan's regimen is amazing. I just follow it step by step, and I'm happy with the results I've seen. I don't expect a lot, I just like to see some improvement over the long run. The left side of my face isn't cooperating with the rest of my face, but the right side of m
  9. My 3 cents; The regimen has steps, and until you know how the regimen effects you, its worth sticking with the regimen. I go back and watch the videos from time to time just to make sure I'm doing it the right way. Like my dad used to tell me, do it right or don't do it at all. (But, its more like, try the full regimen first before experimenting?)
  10. @Cherries: Good luck! I hope you're successful (: Day 50ish AHA+ Smells funny I received my shipment of new stuffs (Bigger bottle of BP, Moisturizer, Cleaner, and also ordered AHA+). Just doing the regimen like normal. I'm really happy with the right side of my face. I think it looks much better then it did in the past I tried using the AHA+ as a spot treatment tonight, and I might try to use it as my moisturizer. But boy, does it smell interesting. Not in a bad way, but still interesting.
  11. Day 47ish Woohoo? Hi there everyone. Back from my hiatus, and things are looking bright. Personally, I feel like my skin looks amazing. I still have lots of red spots, and I still have scarring from acne that I decided to attack years ago, but you know what? I think that my acne is actually getting much, much better. I'm still doing the regimen every morning and evening. I still think that it is slightly time consuming, but keeping at it is probably what is helping my face get better. Time to
  12. You signature seems to provide [great steps on how to search I tried already, but theres not too much on what products people like to use. But thanks for the link (:
  13. I whole heartily agree! And i'm just another common forum guy .__.
  14. Day 27 SUCCESS You guys, it finally happened. My mom and dad both expressed to me "Tommy, is it me, or does your face look.. better?" AH. AMAZING. YES <3. Unfortunately, I noticed some flaking. (My girlfriend pointed it out, and it looks kinda gross, xD). Probably going to order the bigger set of Acne.org products, and I'm considering adding some jojoba oil.. maybe. Anyways, good times! (: