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  1. So i been on DKR for what seems like a really long time. My acne has clearded up alot and i havent gottin any new active pimples just one or two that heal fast. My main issues are sweat bumbs, huge pores on the t-zone area, and reddness that what go away i'm not sure its caused by this hott texas weather or if ance related, some shallow like scars that can only be seen in certan light and hiyperpigmentation that wont fade. Nothing seems to work for me to achive my clear, smooth, beautiful skin.
  2. I been using tha regimem for about a month or so. My main issue right now are red marks but they have been fading ever since i started to take zinc. I do get tons of whiteheads that just seem to pop up overnite but that when i use dan's AHA so i try to use that once a week only.
  3. Hey all, i notice that i havent really wrote down what i do everyday so here it is: Morning: wash face at the sink with Cetaphil Anti-bacterial bar then use Cetaphil lotion and thats all no BP or anything Nite: same as morning except i use Dan's BP Supplements: fish oil vitamin D zinc Status: 80%-85% clear Comments / Questions? Thanks as always
  4. Cetaphil antibacterial bar soapDove soap I used both before but like the first one the best
  5. Wow...first of all your have Ahh-maazzing blueish/grayish eyes i ever seen plus really long eyelashes Yup..i do believe im in love Ha, Just kidin
  6. It has Vitamins C & E, Alpha Hydroxy & Sunscreen. * Fades Dark Spots and Freckles * Evens Skin Tone Palmer's Skin Success® Eventone® Fade Cream is specially formulated for skin with the most advanced skin care ingredients to give you a more radiant, balanced complexion. Our skin lightening formula is clinically proven to remove dark spots, freckles, and other skin discolorations that may be caused by age, the sun, minor scars, pregnancy or contraception use. Special moisturizers comb
  7. hello, So i been using dans bp for almost a week now and i notice that it has this smell. It reminds me of grease/oil of some sort and every time i allow the bp to dry my eyes start to get watery and my nose starts to get runny from the fumes! Has anyone noticed this?? Is it normal?
  8. I have the same problem in the same areas too. I hate it especially when someone is really up close to me, i get so self-conscious. I noticed it got really bad when i started to use biore pore nose strips, They work great but left me with huge pores ): that wont go away
  9. I've notice that i have blackheads on the edge of my lips. Does anyone else get them? I try squeezing them but nothing comes out there just these black dots! Any one recommend something i should try?
  10. Hey guys, So i discovered the "cure" that will help fade red marks...POMEGRANATE JUICE! Yes, it does work, well for me it did. It helps speed cell turn over or something like that. It also may make your skin break out depending on the person. I been drinking it for 2 weeks now and i can see results. Just thought i'll share that with ya'll and maybe it will help fade your red marks also. Give it a try, but its kinda expensive
  11. Did you now that October is the only month in this year that has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays, and 5 Sundays. That only happens once every thousands of years or so. I know it has nothing to do with acne, i just thought it was really cool P.S. i guess school really does teach you things
  12. Ok, so im ready to try DKR. I been using Proactiv and that HAS help but it took 3 months until i saw results. Im almost out of proactiv and dont want to reorder. So Im going to order the regimen hopping it will finally clear my skin. My skin right now is just some red marks that take forever to fade and discoloration. Im hopping that my skin will be clear in time for graduation. Go check my gallery to see my skin now. thanks....
  13. Hey thanks for the responses i will check them out. I love series book. I recently read Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead theres like six books in the series, I read all 5 books just waiting on the last to come out in December. I also read the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld those were great. I have read Avalon High by Meg Cabot which took me a day to read. I love her books. I also like the books by Nicholas Sparks.