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  1. Don't let this put you off the Regimen entirely. But ditch the PanOxyl, it gave me lovely chemical burn toon. I think they make an aqua based one aswell...so maybe thats better, but to be honest you should really get yourself Neutrogena/Oxy 2.5% cream.
  2. Switch to a 2.5% cream. What make is it by the way? PanOxyl (?!) I'm sure plenty of people have experienced this, or something similar. In short, try not to rub it around the eyes if they're so sensitive to it. Cut back on the BP for now, in fact stop using it altogether and just wash as usual. Then get a 2.5 % cream and start anew when your skin has calmed down. All the directions on BP suggesst that you should only apply it to the spots themselves. The Regimen is founded on the absolute
  3. Hey, Just wondering what soap/face wash people on the Regimen in Ireland use. I'm currently using Neutrogena's Dermatological soap, it's quite drying..I wouldn't mind a new one that's better.. The selection isn't great here even in boots I find..so I'd be grateful for any suggestions that you guys have from personal experience. Thank you.
  4. Might give it a go. You guys post back on the long term (well at least a couple of weeks) effectiveness of this
  5. Hello..I haven't been around much on these forums, which was a good thing, as my skin has improved well. I only ever had light acne, but it still annoyed me. Anyway, I started out on the regimen back in maybe the end of May. Worked up very slowly toward putting a lot of BP on. Things have gone well. I'm very happy with my chin/side of mouth areas, which were always problematic. I have in the last couple of months only had a couple of breakouts, which for me is 2/3 spots....BUT while on the w
  6. Does anyone know if this is ok to use on the Regimen? I can't find a soap that doesn't dry my skin out (worse than the actual BP!). I used it yesterday and a really sore kind of odd blemish came up on my nostril side today, and my nose never gets any spots at all. Blackheads yes, spots no. Just wondering it anyone has a view on this wash. Myskin ordinarily isn't that dry, but I'd like to use some kind of soap/wash instead of just warm water. When I do though, I dry out baaad.
  7. A huge problem with acne remedies is that the problem itself can fluctuate and change with little warning. The majority of peoples acne will clear up itself in time (though usually far too long :)/) and so inevitably mere coincidences are read into far too much. It is unlikely the REgimen turned your acne cystic. It was most liklely an unfortunate progression of the acne itself. It's why treatin acne is such a pain in the ass. After 4 weeks on Minocin I didn't have a single spot, just some red m
  8. www.acne-tab.com Just wondering if anyone has any experiences with this product. It's all herbal. I'm on B5 myself at the moment, not going to pass judgement just yet, but this claims to shrink pore size (which is what Accutane does too right?). It is quite expensive: The stated dosage is 6 tablets a day, the price for 120 tablets being $60, shipping is free I think. It also says they'll give a 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked :D/ Ingredients: Swertia Chirata, Hum 15.90mg
  9. That isn't b5 you have b-50, or a b-complex only contains a very small amount of B5 or Pantothenic Acid as it is also known. If you wish to begin taking B5 then you'll need to buy the powder or tablets of it, and it alone. B-50 contains relatively small amounts of all the B vitamins, and it is recommended that you take a b-50 complex in conjunction with your B5 regimen. The usual dose of B5 taken is 10g daily for those with reasonably serious acne.
  10. I take 10g a day of it, despite the fact that my acne is mild too. It's a lot of tablets to take...20 a day (in fact the tablets only contain about 465 mg of B5 so its a little under 10 g a day). Apparently some people see results with as little as 1/2g a day, but I wanted to do it properly or not at all. It is fairly expensive (the best I could find was at www.burstingwithhealth.co.uk , it has free delivery, thanks to whoever brought that site to my attention a while ago). I pay £20 STG
  11. 1. Maybe nothing, maybe something. I know its recommended to avoid deficincies in supplies of other B vitamins, but I haven't been taking one and I'm on b5 for over 3 weeks now. I haven't had any problems. Maybe some of the unfortunate people who have had hair loss when taking B5 might have need one. I'm going to start taking one soon though, just to be safe. 2. Well its past the 10th now so what did your doctor say? I haven't heard of any serious medical objections to B5 use personally. If
  12. Yeah its a vitamin. Also goes by the name of 'Pantothenic Acid'. Sold in tablet or powder form. I've read a bit on it around the web, and some sites say it has a comparable success rate to Accutane's, without any of the harsh sid effects etc. I also see some who doubt its effectiveness, but there's no doubt it works for some at least. I'm currently on it, and have been for a little over 3 weeks. Most people seem to get a bad initial break out and I was no exception...after 1 week I got mine.
  13. Does it make any difference if the B5 tablets you take are time release ones or not? They seem to be the only ones I can find at the moment, and I need to know if they'd be better/worse so as not to undo the good work I've done this far...
  14. Hey all. I've been on Minocin (100mg a day) for 7 weeks now. Unfortunately after some good early results (after week 4 I had no spots at all, just some red marks) I'm not much better than when I started. I'm going to give it at least another week, but if after two months I'm no better then I think I'll ditch it, or at least start using B5 in conjunction with it. What I want to know is: Is there any reason not to use b5 capsules while taking Minocin? Will one interfere with another? I can't f
  15. Hey, I'm using the King of Shaves Anti-bacterial Gel, so far so good. I don't know how much I'd read into that though, as I think the Minocin has kicked in and I have very few new spots coming (I only have very mild acne anyway).