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  1. To be quite honest, I think "Oh, I hope you're not as mentally damaged as I am because of acne" or "I know how you feel". Also, this is the first time I post here in a loooong time, so hello everyone.
  2. You don't have to stop eating. I have tried that (and I've always been really thin). However, eating healthier food does help. Say goodbye to chocolate, pizza, sugar, etc. And hello to LOTS of water and mostly vegan food. xo
  3. The "Before" pictures are from that horrible time when my skin got really bad, like 1 year ago. The "After" ones are how I look now; after my second round with Accutane and my first time with laser (also Intense Pulsated Light and a peeling). I'm pretty sure that after I get the laser treatment again, I'll look like I used to. For now, I'm very happy with the results. I don't have acne anymore (just a little zit... guess I shouldn't drink coffee again), and my scars are less noticeable (:
  4. After 5 days (counting today) of being red, dry, etc... today, most of my skin peeled off, and I still look a little bit red, but... my heart started to beat really fast and I almost started to cry, my skin looks so much better, not porcelain-skin, but it looks amazing and I can't believe that after 5-6 years of suffering, lack of self-esteem and confidence, people looking at me, and many other things, I finally start to look like I used to, after 5-6 years! I'm not very religious, but I thanke
  5. So today I FINALLY went through that laser treatment. My skin is so red and it feels hot/cold I don't know how to describe it; for a moment it feels really hot, and then it feels so cold, it's so weird. It kinda hurts. I'm not supposed to wash my face, shower or anything at all until tomorrow. The weird thing about this is that the laser got me 2 little zits out; my skin was clean since some weeks ago. I'm so excited, because this should help to make my scars (and the redness) less visible
  6. Awh... I totally understand you. Also, when I was taking Accutane for the 1st time, my uncle died (R.I.P.) and I had a, you know, "bad relationship", my family was also having money issues, etc. But I think that talking about all the things that are bothering you helps a lot. Also, like I said, focusing on the good stuff helps you. I also love these boards... I don't usually talk about this with anyone. I have a friend and I tell her EVERYTHING... but she lives in a different country now. We b
  7. Thank you guys I'm doing better now. I took my last pill 6 days ago, and I'm fine I've been eating healthier stuff and less crap hahah. I still have the scars, but they are a little bit less visible. I'm just worried about one thing now: my neck is red, dry and it itches SO DAMN MUCH. It could be some kind of allergic reaction to... I don't know. But I don't think it was caused by the pills. Anyways, I just got something for that and, at least, it is not that red anymore (and I'm no longer
  8. Thanks for answering It has been months now... I'm doing so much better. I just tried to focus in the "good" things. Yes, I complain a lot, I am irritating person sometimes, but I am doing better. I'm not sad/stressed anymore and I think that's what counts. Best of luck to you too
  9. MONTH 4, DAY 1 I haven't been on this site so much (since my last post here). Well, I can say I'm looking a lot better. I just have the scars now and my skin is dry as f__k, but that's okay (: I've been eating normally again and I even ate a lot of crap some days ago, but I just got a little zit in my chest haha. I drink LOTS of water everyday (2 lts.) and I can't wait to see mt derm again, this time to get the laser treatment for the scars. I want to share some pictures of the after and the b
  10. MONTH 3, DAY 3/10 I've been using sunblock, and my skin looks (and feels) so much better now. I'm clean but the scars are still there... oh, but they don't look as bad as they used to; I look very normal now, and something really strange for me is that I always used to look around and feel bad because everyone else seemed to have a perfect skin, but now, I look at some guys and I think "THANK YOU GOD, I don't look like that anymore" but I don't feel like I'm a better person than them or anyth
  11. Same thing here. But I'm pretty sure it's not because of Accutane; "it" used to be normal some weeks ago, and I've been on Accutane since 2 months ago.
  12. MONTH 2, DAY #10 So, today I finished my 10 pills for this month and also got my IPL treatment -I had no time before-. My skin looks horrible! No acne -except for this little zit on my cheek-, but a lot of redness! The pulsated light hurts .___. it wasn't a comfortable experience at all. Anyways, my derm said that I'll be back to normal in 3 days. I won't use BP or anything for 3 days, and I won't need more IPL; I need pixel laser or something like that, but that'll be in December, when I'm
  13. Hello! I'm starting to take 10 mg per day, for 10 days of each month, after taking that dose for a month (every day). Is it the same as if I took 1mg per day, or low doses?
  14. DAY #30 I finished my 1st month. Yesterday, I got 3 zits, but they are not so big, and they are not as big and horrible as the ones I used to have. Starting tomorrow I'll start taking a lower dose per month; 10 mg a day, the first 10 days of each month. And this Friday (hopefully) I'll get IPL. I'd like to share some pictures soon, but I'm shy haha.
  15. Proclaim Professional Care It costs around $4.00 and it's amazing. It's natural beewax (they only add artificial color to it and fragrance). It works great for me