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  1. Before someone says I'm a troll I'd just like to get that out of the way and say I'm not. I'm a acne suffering teenager who just came across this website one day. Ok, so first off I am AMAZED at how informative and simple this website is. The diagrams and steps and instructions were so easy to follow! The creator is a guy who suffered from severe severe acne (I saw pics) and you can get his eBook for free, but honestly on his website there's everything you need! On the website he mainly talks
  2. Info: - I'm 13 with genetic/hormonal acne. But I do know that when I eat certain foods they make me break out. - I've had acne for 3 years. - I've stopped washing my face with a cleanser I only wash with water because all the cleansers I've tried have just clogged my pores. - I take Vitamin C and Omega 3 fish oil everyday. - I do exfoliate 2-3 times a week because my face is oily. I exfoliate with baking soda. - I truly believe that changing my diet with help my acne because I tend to eat junky
  3. For me BP made my bacne worse or didn't help at all and prolonged pimples. For about 2 weeks now i've been just showering twice a day with a salacylic body wash with a loofa at night and my back is like 60% clearer.
  4. I have mild acne but it's everywhere and covering most of my face. I also have moderate back/neck acne. It's genetic, how am I supposed to get rid of it? I think a bit of it is hormonal, but like 80% is genetic. My mom had it bad on her face having to go on accutane twice and had it mild on her back. Both my brothers have it. My cousin had to go on accutane, and 3 of my other cousins have acne. And both my bros have acne on their backs too. And my aunts had acne too. It's all on my mom's side
  5. Hey guys, So I'm wondering... do you think it would be okay if I washed my face with Sweet Almond Oil? I heard that it's really moisturizing, evens out skintone, gets rid of hyperpigmentation, and makes your skin healthy, but I don't want to leave it on overnight, because I'm worried it might break me out even though it doesn't clog pores. So do you think that if I massaged some almond oil into my skin leave it for like 2 mins then just wash my face off with water, it would work? Or should I w
  6. I have lots of brown spots on my back from past acne (i still have like 2-3 pimples) but I was wondering.. if I keep showering twice a day with salicylic acid body wash and exfoliate at night, do you think I could fade most of my brown spots by sept.? I stopped using BP because honestly I'm pretty sure that was making my bacne worse! Recently I've only been showering twice a day with salicylic acid for almost 2 weeks and my back is SO much more clear!
    Dries out zits Gets rid of some whiteheads The area that you put it on gets really dry (and i have oily skin) Leaves a red mark behind I became immune to it after my 2nd tube It worked pretty well before i became immune to it, but it REALLY dried my skin up to a point where it was all flaking off, and people were actually noticing and pointing it out to me. Yes I moisturized but that really was no use. Now i have oily skin and i have stopped using it. Overall I think it's a good s
  7. I really want to try a new cleanser because I'm convinced that my cleanser atm isn't completely causing my acne, but is adding to it. I use Cetaphil's gentle skin cleanser, which i have been using for over a year now. Now that it is summer, i'm really trying to eliminate my acne before highschool in september, so i have been eating way healthier, drinking tons of water, drinking green tea religiously, exfoliating, not picking, etc. for a while now, and gradually my acne has gotten a bit better,
  8. I have acne all over my face too. YAYY! not. I'm going into highschool in sept.. ugh.
  9. Hmm well i do exfoliate once a day with a loofa. How do I tell if it's fungal folliculitis? And how would i treat it? Thanks!
  10. Heey all, so I'm really wondering what the biggest cause of bacne is, or the top three. I'm currently struggling badly with it, and i seem to be doing everything right, but it just won't go away? Am i missing something? Some of my bacne may be caused by heredity, but my mom said she only got the occasional pimple on her back. Also, i wash my back twice a day, then spot treat at night, i maintain a healthier diet than i did before, i drink green tea 3 times a day, and i drink tons of water and e
  11. Thanks, maybe i'll try to dove body wash once my neutrogena one runs out. As for the Doxycycline... i can't swallow pills. haaa i have a phobia. :/ and the really red spot on my neck is a scab. i picked at it. veryy bad. haha.
  12. so i'm really frusterated right now. im 13 going off to high school with acne all over my back. it's summer and all of my friends will be swimming, hanging out, etc. but nope, i'm going to be devoting my whole summer to getting rid of my horrible bacne. Before anyone comments saying "oh wow you're acne is light or mine is so much worse" keep in mind that i'm only 13 and i don't really like having to be able to only wear sweatshirts to school or anywhere, while like everyone else in my grade has
  13. So pretty much i mostly get all my acne on my chin. Everytime i break out it's on my chin. I mean i get little non-inflamed whiteheads on my forehead and my nose has blackheads, but i ALWAYS break out on my chin! I also think why i break out so much there is because i have tons of pesky inflamed whiteheads..? What do you recommend to prevent and get rid of whiteheads? I'm starting to change my diet, because well... im 13 and i kinda pig out haha! Also i do a honey/yogurt mask every night or so
  14. So basically i have no acne on my lower back, but on my upper shoulders and just a tad lower i have lots of acne/scars/whiteheads. What would be causing my acne only to be on my upper back? I know that backpacks would cause this and tight clothing, but what else? It might be something i'm not even realizing that i'm doing. Please help. (: Just for your information i wash my back with Neutrogena's Body Clear Body Wash twice a day and spot treat with BP.