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  1. Are or were you taking anything else with it? Antibiotics, BCP, topical rx? Thanks for your help!
  2. I attached a couple photos just to show you guys how much my skin has changed. The good photo was taken less than 2 months ago. The cruddy one is from today. Sigh. I just don't know what to do anymore.
  3. Hi and thanks for the reply. So I should be expecting these gnarly breakouts for 5-6 months? Or am I misunderstanding?
  4. Hello, this is my first forum post! A little background on me, I'm 29 years old and have been dealing with moderate to severe cystic acne for many years, with a few good years in between. I've been on and used just about every acne medication under the sun. I've been on Accutane twice. I came off my last treatment about 10 months ago. The results lasted about 5-6 months but the last 4-5 months, it's been coming back. I was on Trisprintec and minocycline for a few months and that sorta seemed
  5. Hello everyone! It's been quite sometime since I've been active on this site. Just for a refresher, if you happened to ever read my past blog, I was on a 6 month course of Claravis. I've been off for about 10 months and my skin cleared up very nicely, but sadly the effects only lasted for about a 5 or 6 solid months. I've been breaking out again. I'll have weeks that are good and others where it's just horrible. It's most of the latter lately. I was on mynocycline for a while along with B
  6. This is me at my last month of Accutane. Big difference from my first post, right? Still some redness, but my dr. says that should get better in the next few months. I'm very pleased with the results and I couldn't be happier. Let's hope it stays away!
  7. Whoa, I didn't realize it's been so long since I've written! Honestly, there hasn't really been much to report about. Everything has been the same. The dryness of my skin has balanced out. It's not as bad as it was in the earlier months. Though, my lips are still way dry all the time. What's up with that?! I still have some redness and scarring, but my Dr says that it should start to diminish in the upcoming months. (hope so!) This is my last month on Accutatne and I couldn't be any happier! My
  8. ms_mees

    Mees @ 13 weeks

    There's some very mild improvement from the last set I posted. If you read my blog, here you can see the scarring that I'm talking about. Especially on the left side. It just doesn't seem to let up. In these photos, even thought that blasted scarring makes it look otherwise, I have no breakouts at all! My skin in so soft and smooth right now. It's such a wonderful feeling. Thanks for following my progress and for your support.
  9. ms_mees

    13 weeks

    Thirteen weeks?! It seems like it's been much longer than that! I had my follow up last week. My doc says she's very please with my results so far and that February will be my last month on the meds! She says I will still continue to see improvement when I'm off the meds, so I'm happy about that. There's not too much to report, I just wanted to check in. My skin feels so soft and smooth, I can't believe that it's actually mine. The only real bummer is all the scarring and redness I have. It make
  10. I'm so happy for you! Congratulations! You and I started accutane about the same time, so I've been keeping up with your blog. I'm glad that everything has turned out so well for the both of us.
  11. ms_mees

    Week 9

    Hey there, thanks for reading and for your support. I asked my doctor about those cysts, she said it's most probably hormone related and that the combo of BC and the accutane will help it clear eventually. You can go to my gallery and see my progress. My latest photos still haven't been approved. Good luck on your treatment and the best advise I can give you is to be patient. It'll all work itself out.
  12. ms_mees

    Me, at 9 weeks

    This is me with no makeup at 9 weeks of my Accutane treatment. All the redness that is there isn't any breakout, it's all scarring. My skin's been looking pretty smooth lately. I'm very happy with my progress so far.
  13. ms_mees

    Week 9

    I saw my dermatologist last week. She is keeping me on the 60mg for now, said she'll most probably increase next month. She also said that it would be best if I was on the meds for a full 6 months. That way I will have better results in the long run. I still have some cystic acne on my stupid jawline. Those things take forever to heal. As far as my face goes, someone told me the other day that my skin was "so pretty, like porcelain"! Can you believe it?!!! (Mind you, my skin is still rather red
  14. Hey all! I know I haven't written in a few weeks, but there hasn't been much to write about. Everything's been going pretty well. I've been on the 60mg for about 3 weeks and seems to be going good. My face has gotten a bit more flaky and a bit more sensitive. My lips are still the same! Suuuuuuper dry all the time. It's kinda gnarly. I hadn't been getting any breakouts at all but in the past week, some have come up. Maybe due to the new dose? Nothing major, it's all still at the jawline. And the