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  1. You should avoid sun even when you aren't on accutane. Sun makes red marks worse. You should wear sunscreen (blocking UVA and UVB rays) whenever you go out, even on cloudy days.
  2. ensi


    improvement (one scar - like a rolling scar - about 60%, the other - quite deep line - about 40 %).
  3. I don't think I will do the sunctioning. I'm afraid it will mess with the dissolvable stitches that I still have. The indentation is pretty big. In one place it's three times wider and twice as deep as the excised scar was. I feel disfigured when I look at it now. In the other place it's smaller, just around the excision line. It was there right after I removed steri strips. My doctor told me to massage it, so that's what I'm doing.
  4. no_hope They weren't the only scars I had. I have multiple other mild scars all over my face, except for the forehead. But these two scars weren't in clusters with any others. I had my excision done in Poland. Theng What is dog ear deformity?
  5. the boxcar scars were 3/4 mm wide, 1,5 mm deep. and nothing except a line is left of them. the indentation that I now have wasn't there before the ecxision. I'm also thinking of fillers if it doesn't fill in.
  6. I had excision done two weeks ago on two boxcar scars on the cheeks. Now there are small lines where the scars were, and that is what I expected, but the area around the line is also indented. The whole scars were cut out so it's not the scar anymore but it looks like sunken skin (like a rolling scar). Has anyone experienced anything like that? Is it possible that it will get better with time? I have internal stiches that are still dissolving.
  7. Marlin, can you post any before and after photos? it would be great. NUBY3, how did your cosultation go? Airborne Helly, was your excision successful?
  8. is excision or punch graft better for 3mm wide/1 mm(maybe 1.5) deep scars? photo in the gallery. any success stories with punch graft?
  9. I'm really confused after reading some articles and information on many websites how deep the dermis an the face actually is. When laser procedures are described they usually state that the dermis (specifically the mid reticular dermis - which should be your target for scarring improvement) is situated somewhere between 400-700 microns (0.4-0.7 mm). However, when the needling/dermarolling procedure is described they say the dermis is about 1 to even 2! mm deep. So what is actually the case? I wa
  10. I know that there are some people on this site who performed self saline injections (or had it done by a doctor) a few years ago. I want to ask if you can still see the results. Do you do the booster treatment to maintain the results? In some places I read the effects are permanent however something else is written in the article "Sticking it to scars" (quote): "Results typically last one to two years. Scars don't completely disappear, Dr. Sire says, but they diminish gradually over time. Acc