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  1. I heard it was really good, just wanna know if anyone here has tried it. Sounded pretty good to me, it had some anti-bacterial agent that wasn't bp, and was supposed to be alot less irritating. That was one of their main points, less irritation. U guys can check it out if u want www.murad.com dunno how good it really is tho heh
  2. First off let me say I've tried multiple treatments for my acne, with little to no avail, and basically my only option left is accutane, which is in essense not an option for me anyway. Mainly due to the fact that I don't think my acne is severe enough to warrent it, and many people say they've experienced huge initial breakouts upon starting an accutane regimen, which I really don't think I have the mental stability to deal with at this point in time. So in light of these facts, I have to be
  3. After I quit the regimen, my face immediately cleared up, and I stopped getting those huge bugger whiteheads all over. I now only wash once a day with some neutrogena clear skil facial wash stuff. I still have acne, but its much less severe, less painful, less unsightly. Course the only problem I have now is that I keep getting these huge ones on my arms, which wouldn't be so bad except for two things. One: they leave those red marks that last for ages, I can still see a faint spot of one I g
  4. What does that have to do with a telephone?
  5. I think using both BP and Retin-A micro would be too irritating I know what you mean about shaving, I just have to use an electric razor, and be really careful about not chopping up my pimples lol.
  6. Well I hear that Wheat products might be a factor in acne, as well as dairy but thats already been said
  7. Man don't kill yerself, it aint worth it. Acne aint that big a problem when you look at things. Not worth blowin yer brains out over.
  8. lol bling I bet, too bad I haven't had that luxury recently :? Rotor, what kind of skin do you have? If you have darker skin you might want to try the tinted bp, as it might blend better. Its also probably a good Idea to follow what mercer and vanessa said. Good luck with the regimen, I hope it works for ya.
  9. Lol crap I just ate a whole pizza before I read this. Lol I'm prolly gonna get a mad breakout this week.
  10. Well heres my story. I've never been particularly socially adept if you catch my drift. In elementary school I was pretty much rejected except for my best friend, who stuck by me the whole way. I guess I was pretty weird lol. Well after elementary school I felt like I couldn't handle those people any more, so I started homeschooling, which was really great (Hardly did any work haha) except for the fact that theres not really any great way for you to make friends. So I homeschooled for about 4
  11. Well, I was diagnosed lactose intolerant as a kid, and I had to take those pills, u know so I wouldn't get sick from it. But now I can eat dairy and not get violently ill, maybe thats why I have ance so bad hmmm. I'm gonna try to cut dairy out for like a month or somethin, see what happens. Hmmm
  12. Lol rabbit stole my sig Rock hard pimples huh, better see a derm about that, it doesn't sound normal lol.
  13. Well, my mom bought it for me cuz she thought it might be less irritating than the other stuff im using. Anyone else used olive oil soap before? How good is it?
  14. Well yea, but how could the bp cause other parts of my skin to be flaky and dry. Oh who knows, I don't know what to do, I think washin twice a day is what gets meh, cuz when I was washin once a day, didn't have it this bad, then I started twice a day (without bp) and it just made it worse.