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  1. I just realized that up until like last week, I had two to three large bumps on the back of my neck along my hairline. They have been there since before I started Accutane, and they are official gone. I am so happy. And my neck is starting to look a little better already since I started using a one-blade razor on it.
  2. Okay so I went to my dermatologist this week and she said everything is looking great. She said that the only thing is she wants me to shave my neck with a single blade razor thingy because she thinks that I am getting ingrown hairs there and that's why it hasn't completely cleared up yet. She kept me on 100mg a day (2 pills one day then 3 the next, alternating), although I kind of wanted to go up to 120mg for the last 2 months. I forgot my aquaphor today and it was like hell haha. I had to fina
  3. I have never really had a problem with my forehead, it usually responded to everything and was clear on almost every regimen I was on. However, before I started accutane, I was so fed up with my acne that I quit doing anything to my face for about a month and half before I took my first pill, which is wh I had acne there when I started. Anyways, my forehead is pretty much clear with a little bit redness/scarring.
  4. Haha thanks! Looking back at my pictures from the start, I can't believe I dealt with that for so long. It feels so good for it to be pretty much gone now.
  5. Ah thank you. The backs of my arms are a little dried out and itchy, but other than that no nothing. About a week.
  6. Hey I just wanted to say I can somewhat relate to you. Before accutane, I was in a really, really bad depression. I am 4 months in now, with skin I only dreamed of, I still have my depression, but I can once I start college next year and get a fresh start, it's all going to be gone. So just hang in there, and before you know it accutane will have you all cleared up.
  7. Honestly, the less you think about it and worry about it, the better off you will be. I was nervous about it to in the beginning, but all of the results that i saw people getting gave me a little hope. I am about to go on my 5th month of accutane and it was honestly one of the best decisions i have ever made. Let your doctor worry about what it does to your body, that's what the blood tests are for. If you just eat a healthy diet, exercise a couple times a week, and drink lots of water, you shou
  8. Sorry I havent posted in a while. There just really hasnt been much to update you guys on. I stopped shaving my neck as often, and that has seemed to help a lot. My pimples seem to last FOREVER. I had one right on my lip line about 2 weeks ago and that lasted for about a week, same with one on my chin and another one on the bottom of my chin (you can seem the remainder of it on the one neck picture). I am still breaking out, about 1-2 pimples a week. Right now I have one on my right cheek bone,
  9. Hey everybody! Sorry I don't really keep a daily log anymore. I felt there wasn't enough going on on a day to day basis or even a weekly basis really. Basically this past month has been amazing. My skin is A LOT better than it used to be. My dermatologist was surprised when she came into the room today. They all told me my skin looked wonderful. I'm think I will be most satisfied when my scarring goes away and I don't have any pimples left. I have some bumps on my neck and my derm thinks it i
  10. i have a little bit of both. the biggest thing that is worrying me is that my neck isn't clearing up. i'm curious if my derm is going to bump up my dosage or not. i think she said she would think about it again at the end of month 4.
  11. Yeah I get soreness in my back when I lay down in bed at night and after a workout or if I lift something heavy. I have gotten used to it though. It's going pretty good. I couldn't tell you the last time I got a new pimple. My cheeks are pretty much clear, but I have a lot of scarring. my forehead is free of all acne and scars. My neck, however, has improved a little bit, but I have some persistent nodules in addition to some scarring. If my neck would clear up, I would be a lot more pleased. I
  12. Thanks Ah thank you. That means a lot. I just feel like negativity doesn't help anything and can only hurt you. I like to stay positive about everything and look at the bright side.
  13. Here are some photos I just took. My face might seem a little red because I literally shaved just 5 mins. before. http://flic.kr/p/ajjuDv http://flic.kr/p/ajjuyn http://flic.kr/p/ajnhkm Cheers!
  14. Haha thanks. I can honestly say my overall mood/well-being is starting to improve. It has only been a week since I started month 3 and a couple of days since I really started clearing up, but this drug works wonders I haven't really had to much of a problem with back acne. Don't get me wrong, I do get it, but all I have to do is use my neutrogena wash on it once a day and it stays away, for the most part. How much do you weigh? If you don't mind me asking. Because my derm put me on 80 m
  15. hey sorry i haven't updated this in awhile. i really just wanted to get my mind off of it all because i don't think constantly thinking about my acne and everything is going to help. anyways, my skin has improved A LOT. Today is day 67 and my skin is improving every day now. I only have a handful of pimples, but i do have a lot of scars oh well. i will post pictures soon!