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  1. hey I had horrible acne everywhere for 7 years.. my back chest and arms are covered with these white scars. ( kinda like little keloids) Any remedies??????????? idk its weird i never really got those divot scars, just these raised ones i rub scar cream on the big ones and they flatten a little, but theres 100's so its tough.
  2. chunkylard thanks for the good advice.... do you have trouble eating out though? i mean if i grocery shop im fine because i can pick and choose all the right foods. but like in a pinch, when your going out to eat with friends dont you have little options?? especially breakfastt
  3. dairy breaks me out terrible.. i love dairy i want it... is there a digestive aid that would help me tolerate dairy?? would soy bother me?
  4. hey guys i have found that dairy is a substantial factor in my acne. if i avoid diary then no breakouts. i am just left with bad scars now. ( which i dont mind yet cuz im still comin of the high of limited breakouts!) i have some questions/problems i miss dairy...is there something i can take with it to make me not breakout? (digestive aid?) my diet is boring i am afraid to try soy...if i can eat it without breaking out i would be ecstatic, but the thought of eating it and then breaking out s
  5. Well come to my life no side effects no results i was counting on this being a life changer for me
  6. When you have many deep, hard cystic pimples what do you do about it? whats your best remedy ? i have yet to find anything that even remotely works
  7. i have been down that road nothin has ever helped me yet depressing but the truth so far
  8. yes prednisone worked wonders for . I always pop motrin to take down the inflamtion..its not super effective but i do it
  9. He sounds so sincere and i want to believe his method works but we are just vulnerable because we are suffering from acne. This guy could just be out to make money The supplements he speaks of are so rare. In my opinion if this did work , word would spread and you would find out sooner or later ...it is most likely a fraud do i want to try it tho? absolutely am i going to , probably not.