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  1. Do you think it would be a good idea if I used Lemon Juice daily in my green tea?
  2. Are you talking about Lemon Juice or vitamin C?
  3. Oh and also what are your thoughts about lemon juice in tea?
  4. There's 5mg of Black Pepper Extract in my multivitamin. Should I keep taking it? I don't know if it would aggravate my acne...
  5. they are pretty spendy. I'd like to get something cheaper but then I don't know how well it would work...
  6. oooh that's nice to know. thank you! which would be the cheaper option?
  7. I think I've figured out the problem! All the Vitamin B3 I was taking made my skin more dry than usual... I stopped taking it and now I have no flake problems!
  8. I'd really like to use one for the ingrown hairs on my legs. Has anyone found one in drugstores?
  9. Wow that was really helpful. Thank you tree23!
  10. Aren't there vitamins and minerals you can take that help you skin fight damage from the sun?
  11. The Acne.org Regimen Carbohydrates + Proteins + Fruits/Vegetables in every meal Green Tea once a day Lipoic Acid + Lycopene + Tumeric + Fish Oil + Multivitamin daily
  12. When I don't use the AHA+ my skin just flakes up more. My skin has been taking the AHA+ well it's just that my skin is super flaky and tight. I haven't completely cleared up but I've noticed a HUGE improvement. I used a Retin-A product prescribed by my dermatologist with not near as much improvement as the Regimen has been giving me. Maybe I need to try a new moisturizer? CeraVe is really good quality though. I was thinking Eucerin Original or Aveeno... also Jergens Ultra Healing Lotion.
  13. I've been on the Regimen for about a month. Clean & Clear Cleanser -- twice a day Dan's BP -- 2 pumps twice a day now CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion w/ jojoba oil -- once a day in the morning AHA+ w/ jojoba oil -- once a day at night The Regimen truly does clear up my acne! It has made my skin sooooo extremely dry and flaky though. To the point where it's uncomfortable and people point it out. I can't figure out a way to keep the flakes from coming. So sadly... I have to quit the Regimen