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  1. Hmm, well in Australia it's quite warm all year around. (And right now it is winter) For casual my hairs either down straight, tied up, or in two braids. I have straight bangs. For formal... normally down straight or messy beach sorta waves. Just "indie" hairstyles mostly. With headbands. For clothing, shorts, denim minskirts, tanks, dresses, just my own sorta style. I wear what I want basically. Uhm for makeup, primer, concelear, powder and mascara and maybe black eyeliner. And then vaseline
  2. Hmm, I guess they wouldn't be bothered to do studies. Never heard of weed clogging pores, I know tons of kids who do weed and have the most perfect skin ever, whenevee I use it I'd get maybe 2-3 pimples. :/
  3. scientific proof it makes it worse? drinking doesn't for me, but smoking does. and well, i have tried drugs but that time my skin was perfectly clear. but i know it's affected friends... and for my other friend it's cleared up. so let's have a debate?
  4. clinique is amazing. i used it when i was 12-13. i stopped using it cause it cleared up my skin. (: also if you live in europe try out vichy. pro-activ is harsh, and it's like a drug. use it - good. stop - skin gets worse.
  5. Use a tinted moisturiser from clinique, and a heavy concealer such as dermablend. Works like a doll. And some powder over.
  6. Everyones scared of being rejected on dates. I recently went on one Monday. I was scared as hell even tho I'd been flirting with the guy for over a month. We hooked up, got frisky and into it. Talked, left. Then I admitted I liked him a bit, he said nothing. Then rambled on how fucked his life was with parents & friends, etc. Today he was a douche. I said I was getting braces, and I only have like 2 crookeed teeth and my parents are paranoid perfectionists. He exclaimed how he hated people
  7. they stopped hitti. me two years ago. i do sit there saying nothig cause they do t listen to me. thanks ill check out the atricle. i listen to music a lot it helps... and swingig aha.
  8. does it affect you? sure as hell does for me. my skin would be clear otherwise. aftee my parents stopped abusing me it went away, but now theyre being annoyig as hell givin me more stresss. theyre throwing fits cause im gay. and theyre trying to convinc me im not! and whenever im gonna go out with a guy they wont let me cause they think ill screw him. HELLO? IM BI! but i muchly prefer girls.. and they wonder why i sneak out? plus they dont even want me to have a social life. they yell for me to
  9. dammnnn your hair is amazingggg. LOL eddie. d: a lot of people think im 16+ but im 14.
  10. mac can causes a lot of people to break out.
  11. linachu

    Smooth feeling, large tub, not expensive and moisturises well. Slightly greasy. I do have oily skin, not sure how much it cost roughly 20$ AUSD? Got it at Terry White Chemist. It feels great on skin, leaves a nice dewy touch. Better for night than the day. It leaves your skin feeling moist for a longer period than most moisturisers. And doesn't feel very oily, more dewy.