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  1. DAY 17 I picked but it was only a tiiiny spot and it was ready, so hopefully it hasn't done too much harm!
  2. DAY 16 SKIN STATUS 2 healing spots which I refrained from picking (woohoo!) 1 still inflamed spot that I popped yesterday... it hurts still plenty of PIH, but its starting to fade finally! I'm going to ask me GP for Differin cream next week, I've had success with it in the past, and would rather be on retinoids than BP longterm - I'm concerned about oxidative damage potentially leading on to premature aging or even skin cancer. I know the scientific evidence is very divided, but I'd just rath
  3. when you get the urge to pick, put some spot treatment on instead, then you can't pick without smearing it everywhere. i use sudocrem on scabs, and bp or sulphur on active spots. this can be done on face or arms. also try long sleeves, and gloves!
  4. Correlation does not equal causation. Just because someone stopped masturbating for a week and they thought their acne improved, you cannot say with any certainty that masturbation causes acne, even for that person alone. There are so many factors contributing to the development of acne. In order examine a potential contributing factor, you need to isolate it and control all other factors. That's part of the scientific method, but its very difficult to do on your own at home. (For example, you n
  5. To properly fix your acne, you should use what your doctor prescribes. Sure, do your own research, but if you're not happy with a particular prescription (eg those antibiotics), *tell* the doctor so they can prescribe something else you are happy with. The things you mentioned are all worth doing, and are good for general health, but to you have to treat acne with acne products. There are others in the acne.org community who do believe that subtle life style and diet changes clear acne, but I p
  6. DAY 11 SKIN STATUS 1 small spot, slowly going down 1 huge, deep cyst, but no longer tender, so hopefully going away a couple of healing spots (that were inflamed clogged pores) a couple of clogged pores flushed cheeks and nose area (not sure which products I am sensitive to though) mot red marks are fading, but some still prominent PICKING STATUS NOTHING to report, yay! I've also cut down on the amount of time I spend inspecting my skin, or using a magnifying mirror.
  7. DAY 5 SKIN STATUS 1 new active new clogged pores that look they're preparing to become something more... a couple of healing spots lots or red marks (i hate these the most!) I'm wearing foundation today, and am hoping that my skin wont get cross with me and react against it... fingers crossed! PICKING STATUS I picked the new active just a little bit, but then managed to summon up some self control and walk away from the mirror. I'm glad it didn't turn into a full on picking rampage!
  8. DAY 4 SKIN STATUS 2 recovering actives lots of red/brown marks PICKING STATUS I picked But fortunately it was only ONE spot - usually I get into a frenzy and do my whole face! For once it seemed like picking actually helped(!!!) - normally it gets all inflamed and pussy and scabby (mmm) but not this time. Woohoo!
  9. DAY 2 SKIN STATUS 2 healing scabs 2 inflamed clogged pores, which I hope wont turn into cysts 14 obvious red/brown marks lots of faint red/brown marks PICKING STATUS None! Yay
  10. DAY 1 SKIN STATUS 1 active cyst 1 healing (eww scabby) cyst Few clogged pores, but only because I squeezed out every single one a few days ago 17 obvious red/brown marks Lots of fainter brown marks PICKING STATUS Day 1 and I'm doing... okish. Popped my active cyst and picked at the healing cyst, but managed to stop myself doing any more damage. Not toooo bad - it could be worse!
  11. Hi everyone, I decided to make a log because I hope that "confessing" each time I pick will help me to give it up! I've just stuck "NO PICKING" post its on every mirror in the house, just in case I get tempted... I always persuade myself that picking will make the cysts or clogged pores go away faster, because I'm purging out all that gunk. Sadly that's not the case, it just makes it so much worse, then I get pissed at myself. Its a vicious cycle! Does anyone have any tips for breaking the cycl
  12. Have you ever tried a moisturiser with alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs)? It would help to fade your dark spots, and would also unclog your pores. Acne.org makes a good one.
  13. I'm no expert, but as far as I understand it, BP helps "unglue" the cells, and using a cleanser will help to wash away the "unglued" cells - so the cleanser compliments the action of the BP. You could try alternating between a gentle cream and a more thorough foaming cleanser - using the cream cleanser when your skin is more dry, and the foaming cleanser when its not so dry. Even if your skin is not producing as much oil, you still need to wash away the layers of product that build up on your
  14. You'll probably get more info by reading people's reviews rather than waiting for people to answer. Not trying to be annoying, just helpful (I hope!).
  15. Warm water can't get your face as clean as facewash can. Facewash contains detergents which cut through the build up of sebum and moisturiser on your face - just like dish washing detergent cuts through the grease after a fry up. Washing away the build up of sebum, dead skin cells, sunscreen, moisturisers etc allows the BP to penetrate more easily, and therefore do a better job of zapping your acne. Since everyone's skin is different, your skin may not need the strong detergent that more oily