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  1. well there's not much you can do to make it not get bigger.... but this should help: 1. GET IT SHOT! it's the best thing in the world...a little sting, and it's gone in about two days 2. Don't squeeze it! It just tears the skin and makes a little scrape that has to heal to get the shot just call a dermatologist and make an appointment, then ask him for a cortisone shot. ps. my insurance pays for it, yours might
  2. thanks for the help. i got it injected, it's smaller, i'm going to try the ibuprofen. thanks again
  3. okay so my homecoming is saturday, and i have a rather large cyst......what can i do to get rid of it or at least make it look smaller and less red? any ideas?
  4. i love dirty car windows and mirrors when i don't have my glasses on. they make me feel so good about myself.......but public restroom mirrors are evil, as are hotel bathrooms, especially the ones with flourescent lighting.
  5. i personally like depressing music when i'm down..... so my list looks like this: nick drake elliot smith death cab for cutie bright eyes doves iron and wine the beatles damien rice the cure and for some reason, everytime i'm depressive or suicidal i always put on joy division.
  6. I'm not putting any stock into the Chinese theory, I'm just wondering if cold weather and excercise help....I think you're definetly right about the stress though, I don't think about my skin when I'm doing something.
  7. Traditional Chinese medicine says that acne is caused by a buildup of "inner heat". Supposedly, a way to release this heat is excercise. I upped my amount of excercise about two weeks ago, because I knew it was good for me anyways, I started snowboarding way more than usual, every day for 4 to 8 hours and it really seemed to help my skin......is there any scientific proof to this theory?
  8. I guess I should give you some background. I'll start in January of last year. Right now I'm 16. I've had GREAT skin for a very long time. I was clear all of January-May. I went on a vacation in May. When I left, I had a few blackheads. That was it. I didn't really do anything about my skin, I'd wash my face while I was in the shower and not think twice about my skin. I had some moisturiser I'd use occassionaly, but that was the extent of my skincare. I'd just started shaving in April, btw. On
  9. I think it's safe to say everyone knows you have it already....If anything they'll be proud/glad to know you're doing something about it. I don't get the big deal.
  10. *holds up 3 fingers* PICK ONE! I like it, it's nice and simple.
  11. Baking soda. Mix a pinch of it into your soap lather, add a little water and go. It really helps, and doesn't screw up the regimen with other cleansers. I was EXTREMELY flakey, the baking soda helps with that, and it makes my skin feel smoother (almost like it's been polished or something). Good luck!
  12. I have really sensitive skin and the regimen really irritated my skin at first, after about a month, you'll get used to it, but for now, try dropping the BP use to only once a day, and put on TONS of moisturizer morning and night. For a while I was doing it in the morning, the afternoon and night, so i was one seriously moist person lol.
  13. under no circumstances should you EVER get hair dye ANYWHERE near your eyes, it can cause violent allergic reactions that often end in blindness! BP has never bleached anything besides my towels, but if your eyebrow colour is bothering you, buy an eyebrow pencil and use it to change the colour back. whatever you do, stay out of the hair dye aisle lol!
  14. There's a book? I must have missed something.....