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  1. I usually dab my face with a clean tissue after about half an hour to get rid of the excess oil, or i just let it sit there over night. and I saw results within the first two weeks of using vitamin e every night. make sure to rub it in fairly well to break up the skin cells in the dark areas. good luck
  2. I could never do it I wish I could, but I feel horrible without it and ugh. I admire you all!
  3. Hey all! I wanted to know how Dan's products differ from any other products out there. How is his BP any different, arent they all made the same way? Thanks in advance!
  4. Day 2 and 3: Ugh. A couple of new breakouts on my chin and upper lip, but none on my cheeks which is nice as I usually get cystic acne there. I've noticed that popped pimples are healing nicely and that some scarring is less noticeable. I was out in the sun for a bit so that might have helped. I started to add leafy greens to my smoothie in the morning to hopefully get some more Vitamin A. Sorry about the lack of update, I haven't been feeling to great due to the fact that I always get moody
  5. Day 1: So I woke up this morning and another two pimples had come to head so I gently popped them and applied some ACV and BP, and then extra olive oil as I dread putting makeup over dry skin. *shiver* Well turns out i didn't have to worry about the dryness! My face was an oil slick by the end of the day, the temperature outside was more than 90 degrees. Ew. And one other pimple came to head today, but no new cysts appeared which is very good. I'm pretty sure my new whiteheads occurred yesterd
  6. Hey all! I may be a new user to this site, but I have been lurking around for quite some time! So I have had acne since I was 12, and I am currently 16. I started acne as soon as I got my period and my acne is always bad during that time of the month so I know that it is some what hormonal. I have tried such products as Clean and Clear, Neutragena, Clenia etc. My derm recently suggested I go on an oral medication, sadly the name has slipped my memory. I went straight home and researched this