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  1. I logged in for the first time in years to share what worked for me. For years I had acne, but really it was ingrown hairs mostly, caused by shaving. 2 or 3 days after I shaved the hairs would poke into my skin and Id break out. Wet shaving cuts the hairs below the surface of the skin, and that is the problem. 2 or 3 years ago I switched to just using a stubble trimmer, and my acne cleared up completely. I never had a close shave though and missed it. I just recently tried a foil electric sha
  2. Great facial hair trimmer that doesn't irritate skin.

    no skin irritation, can shave in any direction with multiple passes good battery life, can be used while charging works really well under and over jawline area suprisingly trimmer guard is big, so pretty impossible to trim entire area under nose unless you take off the trimmer guard and use juse the blade. If you wanted a thicker beard this would mean you couldnt trim the mustache area to the same length. The istubble has been working pretty amazingly for me. It doesn't irritate my face like at
  3. I've had a similar experience to you in that I let my acne control me. I stayed indoors and shut myself away from everyone because I hated how my acne made me look. But I was hating my life for years and I was alone. I finally started trying to just put myself out their socially more, even when my face looked like shit and I ended up meeting some good friends and a girlfriend. I've had mild/moderate acne since I was in junior high. Ive always had some on my face. I fought it for so many year
  4. I have a norelco body groom too. I found that using the trimmer on the setting that cuts the closet made me feel itchy and break out. I used it on my groin region... Anways, once I changed the trimming setting to the 2nd shortest one I got way less irritation. The hairs were a bit longer, but it was worth not breaking out so much.
  5. What "ingrown hair serum" do you use?
  6. I found that it would take 2 days about for my pus filled bumps to go away. Id usually exfoliate once or 2 times a day with a face cloth. Not sure if that helped, but I thought it did since it let the stuff drain out. For me it seemed like it just took time for them to go away, probably once hte hairs grew out and recovered a bit. After using a trimmer for a couple weeks I dont get the pus filled bump breakouts anymore. I think the best method is prevention. At least for me, the follicutilse loo
  7. The istubble has been working pretty amazingly for me. It doesnt irritate my face like at all. Ive only managed to cut myself when I made it go over large pimples. I can go ove each area multiple times in different directions and not have much irritation. My neck gets red right after, but it is just from the combs rubbing on my skin and within about 15 mins and after putting on moisturizer the redness is gone. One problem with it though is that the trimmer head is big, so getting the hairs in th
  8. I think I had the same thing as you. I would often break out in a ridiculous number of pus filled bumps on my chin and neck a day or 2 after shaving. I thought maybe it was normal acne for awhile, as I have that too. However I recently started using the i-Stubble trimmer and it has helped me with this issue a ton. I have gotten like zero of the pus filled bumps on my chin now. I still get acne on my face and neck, but my face looks a ton better since I know longer get many of those pus filled bu
  9. I was not happy with the Braun 5 series at all. It cut my face worse than wet shaving and it missed like 25 percent of the hairs on my face. Plus it leaked lubricant/oil onto my face every once in awhile... Will be returning that. I ordered an istubble though. Hope this works ok for me.
  10. Which electric razors do you guys use? I tried a Braun 5 series and it was awful for my face. Just cut up my neck and missed tons of hairs.
  11. I ended up getting a braun series 5 since it was at costco. Am going to try it tomorow for the first time probably.
  12. Yep. I certainly agree. Was mad at acne when I made my account ha.

  13. acne SO needs to die ! :-P

  14. I played a ton of video games and watched tv and movies, but that type of existence starts to get unfufilling after awhile. Im trying to start getting out of my apartment more, but after years of isolating myself it's proving difficult to do for me. Ive got social anxiety which I need to overcome as well.
  15. Hah I feel the same way a lot. I like being out at night since its harder to see my acne.