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  1. hi, i saw your comments on sciton laser. would you recommend it? I am worried about permanent damage. thank you!

  2. Hi, my scarring is shallow and I have been doing this for a month. The white patches is what was really bothering me and now they are almost unnoticeable. As for the scarring, I do see improvement and will continue doing this everyday since it doesn't cost that much and it does penetrate into the skin. I will never get a laser treatment again. In my opinion they only cause my problems and are a waste of money.
  3. Two years ago I made the mistake of getting a Profractional laser treatment to improve my scars. The treatment worked a little but also left me with hypopigmentation. On the right side of my face, I had a white raised line. On the left side of my face, I had an irregular white patch. I went to a doctor for a prescription of Tazorac cream 0.5 because I heard it was the equivalent of like taking Accutane (this stuff is very strong). I starting putting the cream on the white patches with a toot
  4. Hi, I had a Kenalog shot on my chin area to reduce a lump, which eventually caused an indent/scar. It took about six months to fill in, but the area filled in too much. Now the area is raised and a little uneven. It's kind of like when you know your going to get a pimple but it won't come out - just stuck under the skin, red an swollen. Has this happened to anyone. I am now wishing I just had a tiny scar compared to this nightmare. At least when you get a pimple you know it will eventually go aw
  5. Has anyone tried this product for dark marks? I heard a lot of good things about this product for the skin -- was considering trying it.
  6. I went through all the feelings that you are talking about -- stayed alone for a long time. I finally resolved my problem, even got rid of my acne and had minimal scarring from all the invasive treatments. But once you have gone through years of dealing with this, I would still look in the mirror and think my skin isn't good enough, even though everyone told me I had beautiful skin. So I went through more treatments. Between the two treatments I had -- Profractional Laser and ArteFill injection
  7. Hi, A year ago I had Profactional Laser resurfacing, which helped with my scars a little but now I have white streaks and spots on my face! One spot is on my left cheek and is round with points - almost like a star - the others are several lines and one thick line. Someone told me that if I went out in the sun this might help me to produce melanin in those areas. I try to stay out of the sun and wear sunscreen everyday even when I am in the house. When I used to go sunbathing I would tan -- I
  8. Hi, I use baking Soda mixed with Cetaphil Cleansing lotion (for mild skin) not for oily skin, and my pores are completely closed. This stuff works great. Use morning and night. It's a cheap method and really works.
  9. Hello, I have been using Obagi Clear Skin Beaching Cream for the last few days on a small area on my chin, which has hyperpigmentation. It seems the area looks worse and is all red. Is this supposed to happen before it gets better? Not sure if I should continue to use this product. Has anyone used this product with good results? Would appreciate your experience -- outcome and how long before you saw any results OR if it is a waste of time. Thanks.
  10. Has anyone tried any skin bleaching creams on their face to remove red marks left by scars or just areas of hyperpigmentation. If so, did they work? or did they make your face . I am trying to decide if these creams will make the red marks fade or make them even worse. Please answer if you have gone this route and what products you have tried. Thanks.
  11. Her face has tiny little bumps on it. When she is in the sun it clears up. Then they come back. Thanks for all the replies. I am going to take her to a derm to be on the safe side.
  12. Hi, I am a mother of an 8-year-old girl who is starting to get pimples on her face. Is this normal for someone that is so young? I am afraid that she is going to have terrible skin problems in the future. I do not want her spirit broken. I would like to know how old everyone was when their acne started. Is it possible to get acne this young?
  13. Hi, I have had it done twice. Just hang in there. In about two weeks it gets a lot better. Pretty soon you won't see the dots anymore. I had minor scarring and it did improve them. The treatment also builds collagen over time. Right now you are going through the healing faze. It doesn't look pretty. It definately gets better.
  14. The least they could of done was give me my mony back since I had been going there for the past four years. I have spent enormous amount of money at that place -- including the $1,300 injection of ArteFill that screwed up everything. My chin used to be so smooth, now it is all lumpy. It's funny but when you buy something from a store and don't like it you can return for a full refund. It should be the same for procedures that are not done right, since we have to live with the problem that tak
  15. Thanks. It is the waiting that is killing me.