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  1. So my 1 month post-accutane doctor appointment is this week. It'll be the last one, all i need is a pregnancy test. My skin has transformed!!! I haven't had a breakout in i don't know how long, months now. I get the tiniest little bumps that pop up, not even red, and it's more like a little bump of dead skin than an actual pimple, there is nothing there to extract or poke at. They go away in a day or 2. Pores are clear, no blackheads or congestion. This is a miracle for me. I no longer sit in fr
  2. Day- Who cares, i only have today and tomorrow left!!!!!!!! A picture speaks a thousand words... Makeup/bronzer on.....but skin is doing really great. It is time to get off this stuff though because my skin is so thinned out. Every little nick, scrape, a bug bite, etc. peels and is raw and then leaves a mark. I'm also feeling more emotional lately (could just be whacky hormones from birth control pills) but my system is feeling maxed out on this stuff. There are times were i feel like i've ta
  3. Day....i dunno but i only have 8 days left until i complete my 5 month treatment!!!~~~ So not much has changed, skin just continues to improve. I think i'm on the fast track to actually LOVING my skin! Amazing and like a dream come true. That damn scabby thing on my left cheek is still acting up. It will peel and feel raw...i still feel scar tissue deep under there....i'm not sure what to do for it....i've heard the supplement MSM which an organic sulphur derivative works well for scar tissue.
  4. Day..138? Almost halfway through my box of pills for my last month! Month 5 baby...going strong....I am elated that i will have clear skin now of course....but i am also elated that i'll have some money in my life again! 400 dollars a month for 5 months when you make minimum wage hurts, big time. This experience has also brought to light the fact that i can go on a tight budget and make it work, save money, put money aside, etc. if i really need to. I have shelled out 2000 dollars over this 5
  5. Brighteyed, You'll get there girl....this is literally a miracle drug....i am not even kidding around.....give it time, i've seen the worst cases turn around for people. My skin is reverting before my eyes to what it was when i was a child before i ever had acne....I'm an esthetician and i've looked at a LOT of skin under a magnifying lamp....some of the best skin i've seen have been people that have completed a course of accutane... BEST WISHES!!!
  6. Goodz, Thanks so much for letting me know my journal inspired you!! That was my hope in creating it!!! I felt i couldn't not put my self out there when the whole reason i was so inspired to go on the stuff was from other people sharing. I haven't read through your whole experience yet, just a bit of it. What i will say is that my skin really didn't get CLEAR until the END of month 3. But i am 105 lbs and i was put on 60 mg right off the bat. Everytime i see my derm she tells me how much success
  7. Day 126- Had my derm appointment a few days ago and she was so happy! I am so happy too! She said looking at my skin we could have pulled me off now but she wants me to finish the course so that i can get the full number of mg for the highest rate of lasting cure. I said i'm all for it! I've come this far. So i picked up my LAST prescription!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to be done!!! My skin is just getting better and better, the scaring is really starting to fade now as well to the point where i can w
  8. Day 121: Nearly on my 5th month! Derm app. is this coming up Monday and i'll be staring my last pack. She put me on 60 mg right from the get go in order to cut my treatment time down from 6 to 5 months. I'm doing really good. Ready to be off accutane! I tried to exfoliate for the first time since starting the medication and i looked raw....then i tried putting on a "soothing seaweed mask" that was made for sun burned skin, and it felt like battery acid on my face! I immediately had to rinse it o
  9. I'm really curious about this too. I have dryish skin now after being on accutane for 3 1/2 months for the first time in my adult life and i freakin LOVE IT!!!!! I don't want the oil to come back!!! I know a little is necessary but i haven't seen a blackhead in an entire month and it feels amazing. I'm trying to focus on the fact that my skin has physically changed (that's what accutane does) so i need not worry about it. But would love to hear from those who have been off of it for a while.
  10. Day 101: O M G. I was sitting on my bed messing around on the internet and my hand happened to brush over the side of my head.....i felt a tenderness....and i was like, ohhh noooo. Yes, a big cyst has popped up on the left side of my forehead near my temple completely out of nowhere! Definitely one of the most swollen ones i've had in a very, very long time. I swore to leave it alone until it was visibly ready to pop (sometimes my cysts turn into popable acne) but no, i of course proceeded to tr
  11. I think we are always our own harshest critics. And in the right lighting at the right angles.....yikes, yes it can really bring out all the imperfections. (which we all have) We've all been through years of having acne so it makes those of us on accutane super hyper critical of anything on our skin. And it is like the clearer our skin gets, the more 1 little pimple will stand out horribly. Even when i got a mesquito bite i was freaking out because it was huge and red and swollen and looked like
  12. Day 98- So not much is really changing these days. I started getting the dry skin patches on my arms again because i ran out of coconut oil, as soon as i started using this again it improved. Get raw, organic coconut oil if you have dry, flakey, burning skin on your body, it Really helps! i've had 1 or two tiny little bumps come up, it's like my skin wants to break out so bad but it can't because it's accutane to the rescue!!!! It's like impossible for anything to become big and inflamed. Dare i
  13. Oh my gosh, girl!!! You look AMAZING!!! Your skin is so clear and smooth and radiant! You have totally turned that corner. YAAY!! Try to stop peeling the skin off though, i know from experience cause i went through the same thing on various parts of my face. Everynight i'd touch my face and feel that kind of rough spot/papery feeling scab thingy that formed after i popped something. I'd pick it off day after day until it was so raw, and i ended up peeling off even More skin, it bled, etc....i fi
  14. So, hopefully this works. Never thought i'd Ever show my acne to the world, but here ya go. Please excuse the poor quality and how horrible i look..haha... Sad girl, but hopeful because i was about to start accutane. That was a doozy on my forehead..... Same day, different angle, bummed just got back from running...was getting better here, maybe like 2 months into accutane.... Yesterday! Yesterday as well. No actives, the red spots are post inflammatory pigment from cysts and from me
  15. Day....93? Wowzers! So i thought given the fact that i haven't been logging as much as i had planned, and the fact that i just started month 4 of accutane today (OH YEEEEEAAH) i would update today. I had my derm app yesterday, all went well. I asked her how long she felt i needed to be on this stuff, she said definitely 5 full months. She puts her patients on the full dose right off the bat (and warns then about a bad initial break out) so that the treatment can be cut down by a month. So i am