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  1. i`ve tried many products for red and brown spots on my face. nothing seems to work on the brown spots which for me are from sun damage. avon banishing cream got rid of every red spot from pimples in 3 weeks. cheap and effective, can`t lose.
  2. i read on ehow that using it straight on the face is fine. i have always used it straight, not that it did any good for me.
  3. read the past pages. i think it's de la cruz brand but since they don't sell it in canada, i've had to make my own. if you live in the states, you should have no problem finding it at walmart or drugstores.
  4. For you guys who apply ACV topically, do you mix it with water or something else first? Or do you just use straight ACV? i started off mixing it but then used it straight.
  5. i can only answer the first part. i also have mostly the left side of my face getting pimples. i can't find any info on why though.
  6. i'm in canada and couldn't find it so i went to a compounding pharmacy and they sold me sulfur powder 100 grams for $5. i'll be mixing 1 tsp sulfur powder with 9 tsp of something oily (whatever i can find in my house) tonight and giving it a try.
  7. i buy the tea leaves from a tea store in town. so much tastier than the baggy things they sell in grocery stores.
  8. i love it! thanks for sharing such an easy and healthy menu.
  9. thanks, i will put a hold at the library for it.
  10. i tried my saliva on my pimples and it worked overnight. if you are looking for one person to listen and help, well then that's me. thank you.
  11. here is a post about a natural anti-androgen from acne.org a while back. i have been taking this as i had to stop spiro as well because of dizziness. whoops forgot link. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/DIM-t187299.html
  12. i have dry skin now that i have hormonal acne whereas before it was oily with no pimples. i have no idea why hormonal acne exists or why i have it. i've read that bacteria has been found in neem and think you are better off trying jojoba oil or even olive oil.
  13. my picking did not stop while i was on anti-anxiety meds. it's a bitch, but i don't know what to tell you. perhaps the doc can suggest something specific for that.