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  1. I was wondering if tea tree oil is good for healing redmarks or is it just good for acne? All i have is this product by Jamieson called "Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil", does anyone know if I could use this on my skin and if so please let me know when (AM or PM) to put it on and how. Any comments would be great! Thanks Tessa
  2. IM SOOO EXCITED. otay so i decided to go off of tetracycline. I went to the doctor today and got birth control (Ortho-Tri-Cycline)... Has this worked for anyone on here? My acne is very mild, do you think it will clear things up? Tess
  3. Hey everyone I updated my regimen in my first post, check it out and let me know what you think! Thanks Tess
  4. Okay since I have decided to ditch the AHA i have a new plan- Im going BACK on Dan's regimen but only BP at night. Also I am going to continue using Baking soda and ACV... THEN once my active acne is gone, Im going to the derm. and getting something drastic and most likely expensive done to my redmarks! FINALLY i have to do something like this, i am going INSANE- *note to everyone the marks are ALOT worse then you can see in the pics and i just cant handle it anymore* Hope this new plan works o
  5. I decided I'm going to try B5 with my regimine.... has anyone had success with this???? Also do you think its okay to use with Tetracycline?? Thanks luv Tess
  6. Day 16 March 11 (Day 11 of AHA use) I WANT TO DIE... my skin looks sooo horrible. I went to class today, and ALL my friends have like flawless skin. My confidence is dropping everyday and i feel like NOTHING will work. Im so ready to say bye bye to AHA i hate it soo much. Its made things 100 x worse then they were... ahh Tessa
  7. I'm using the same stuff- so far HUGE BREAK OUT ahhhh and NO RESLUTS!!! I had stuff high hopes for this stuff. I decided Im going to stick it out for a few more weeks Good luck, hopefully you see an improvement soon!! Tess
  8. aww your acne looks really painful! BUT accutane will definately do the job, dont worry and stay positive! You look beautiful dispite your skin! Work it girl I've been on accutane before and it can be really hard, at first things get soo bad (an increased acne breakout during initial period, dryness, etc.), but then when you least expect it things start to improve and it is soo worth the wait I'll be cheering you on, and if you have any questions about long term results i can anwer some (I
  9. Day 14 March 9/05 (9th day of AHA use) ahh my skin is HORRIBLE right now... My skin has broken out from the AHA...it is really bad, I almost wanted to go off of AHA, plus i was reading on the other boards that AHA can have long term effects that are not good, yet i always hear that it is soo amazing I will give it a few more weeks... Oh wells, for now my skin is not lookin too hot! Ill keep you updated
  10. I use photobucket.com it is awesome Good luck with accutane- it works wonders, just give it time and a LOT of lip chap and moisterizer Tess