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  1. try epiduo. you will clear up wonderfully! and your acne isn't bad at all, you just have to keep your pores from getting clogged. you could also try the regimen with bpo. either way, your chances to get great skin are really high. let us know how things work out for you. good luck!
  2. i use a micellar lotion. it is the best thing ever for removing makeup when having acne and i know what i'm talikng about because i've tried them all!!! it doesn't clog the pores, it is gentle (no irritation, picking sensation like the other products), non-irritant, it doesn't leave any residual oil on my face and it clears skin like magic! i was reserved before, but after i tried it, it became one of my favorite products and i've recommended it to all my friends. just give it a try, i am sure y
  3. Hello guys, it would be really helpful if you could answer! Thank you all!!! ps: feel free to comment your choice!
  4. Hi! Last year i had a series of salicylic acid peels. Low strenght, i can't remember exactly the concentration, it was either 10% or 15%. I have super sensitive skin and even at this low %, my derm could only leave it on for just 1min the first time. And i really peeled! After a few days my skin looked amazing, i've been very satisfied with the results. I had moderate-severe acne, with several active cysts and it minimized the problem a lot, i got to a mild-moderate level. Also, my scars and red
  5. hi! first of all, congratulation on your clear skin! secondly, if the diagnosis is right, pytiriasis has nothing to do with accutane. it is a fungus (malassezia furfur) that causes it. it is very common and really easy to catch. if you have sensitive skin, and you bathe in public places or at gym, etc, you are prone to all kind of â€bugsâ€. i had pytiriasis a summer before taking accutane. at first i got alarmed, but the treatment was simple. however, i had to maintain the routine. i am a bit su
  6. hi,fire dan! my dermatologist also told me she was more concerned about the phototoxicity and dryness than other side effects. the combination was great! i had no problem with it and it relieved my pain so much! i love it, to see my skin improving is such a great feeling...i'll go ask for some more, i only had a 10days prescription as for the moisturizer i found some great products from la roche posay.i am actually fond of them! they make my skin feel much better and i know they are safe (they
  7. hey, ben! u are not alone! we suffer side by side, remember?thanks for ur comment on my AB&accutane mix. it has made things so much better!i would keep taking this combination forever! i've been home for my christmas break and now that i'm back, my friends keep telling me how much better my skin looks like! i laught about accutane that it is my "patience pill" and i got cheered up to see that improvement starts to be obvious.i understand you got over the initial break? are you getting better
  8. of course you can treat it! it won't be a walk in the park, but there are a few options out there! is ur acne only on your chest or do you also have on ur face and back? what treatment did you try so far? talk to a dermatologist!
  9. hey! don't worry about the dose, what's important is to get ur cumulative dose and u'll get there. i read a lot of studies and i tend to believe that lower doses are the best (anyway, less side effects...) this is mission IMPOSSIBLE! u re funny!!!! )) but it's good, u'll get there! we will get there! what AB were you prescribed again? erythromycin? i take doxycycline (yes, i know the interactions, but my derm told me not to worry) and it seems to calm down my IB.i also use a topical steroid...
  10. i second doris. however, it depends of what kind of acne you have. if u have a spot or two in a month, then don't worry and go ahead with it. it will get better,since microdermabrasion is a deeper exfoliation. if you have infection, deep cysts or anything like that, you should reconsider. talk to your dermatologist, they always know better.
  11. you should wash twice a day, morning&evening. also, be very very careful to take off ALL your makeup. my derm advised me to wash and then use a micelar lotion until i get it all out. she insisted i should always clean my skin this way and make it become a rutine. now that my skin is so flaky, she also advised me to use moisturiser 3 times/day comparing to just 2 times(morning&night) or just night like i used to. i use effaclar H from la roche posay. i hope this helps you. maybe talk to y
  12. hey! i just stopped to say good luck! thanks for posting pictures! i never had the courage...i didn't even take pictures for me to keep track of my progress. i tried once and i got horrified, so i deleted it. my acne looks just like yours, just that i have more on my forehead hahaha i hope that you'll stay strong and beat your acne! we'll be so proud when this ends...it's such a life-changing experience...socially, pshicologically, physically... i can't wait to see your next photos! i'm almost
  13. u seem to have more red marks than actives. by the look of it, you don't have cysts or nodules which is great!!!! so, i believe it is mild-moderate. i truly believe you can control it with topicals. what have you tried? a good regimen does wonders!
  14. i made myself courage and took the AB...(it might have been despair hehehe) anyways, i think it helps.i also use spot treatment something with triamcinolone to reduce inflammation (which works heavenly, just that i can't abuse and i'll use it just these 2 weeks while i am at home). thank you, girls for ur kind support! how is it going for you? kisses
  15. sudocrem contains lanoline. it is a comedogenic substance and i wouldn't recommend it. also, sudocrem makes a film on your skin. this is useful sometimes, but it would be much more beneficial to let your skin breathe at night. the zinc is under oxide form, which isn't soluble, doesn't get in the skin and won't have the full effect of zinc gluconate for example. i've considered it myself, that's why i've done some research on the product. a better alternative would be bepanthen for its' healing