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  1. Well antibiotics kill weak bacteria leaving resistant bacteria. I was on the same antibiotic for two months and it got rid of my acne. I'm using the retin-a and the sulfur/sulfa (something can't remember) too. You may need to switch antibiotics. Acutane should be the last resort. The reason being that it's very potent, very dangerous and may not solve make more problems.
  2. Okay so I'm dry. Lots of dry spots. Lots of flakiness. I don't know if it's the Retin-a or if it's the neutrogena face wash I switched to or the BP wash I was told to use. I wash my make up off at night with the neutrogena then do the BP. In the morning with the neutrogena. Even the skin around my eyes are irritated, so maybe it's not the BP since I don't use that on my eye area. OR the retin-a since i don't use that on my eyes either. I think I'm going to stick to dan's face wash I was fine
  3. I want to go without the make up but honestly I'm around people all day with customer service job so I don't think I can lol. I want to look and feel my best. The other day I saw a friend and her complexion looked amazing! I asked her what was up and she said she uses true match by l'oreal. I used mineral make up and I've never used liquid but I decided to switch. I like this one. It does have shimmer in it, but it looks natural. I use it with the matching powder to control the oil and I've been
  4. Yeah I notice drinking alcohol doesn't help my skin either. But it makes sense, alcohol dehydrates the body. So it might make the body produce more oil to compensate which would lead to more acne (that's my own take on it). I also bought the revlon black head removal tool. Gonna use it after I exfoliate and shower at night see if I can get some of the black heads to come out. I was at work today and I accidentally scratch my chin a little ( you know when you're thinking and you touch your face
  5. By the way keep me posted on what's happening with you two. I haven't had any painful peeling or redness with this and it's been a few days so far so good. I have LOTS of closed comedones/pores that are raised up but not inflamed which is why she gave me the Retin-a I suppose. The pimples that come up the white head comes up faster and they heal faster too..I know don't pop but I can't help it. Plus I use an antiseptic and antibiotic/neosporin on it when I do which helps with the scaring and h
  6. Well so far I'm still taking the antibiotic and doing the topicals. I haven't gotten any peeling from the retin-a BUT I'm breaking out. Not badly I have more white heads coming up and a cyst. I was reading that using BP and a retin-a is a no no. Since BP destroys the funtion of Retin-a so I think I'll wash my face in the morning with BP and use a regular cleanser at night with the retin-a. OR just use the BP and wait longer to put on the Retin-a. Also I'm just using a pea size of both topicals.
  7. Hello so I'm kinda on the same regimen as you are. Here's mine: DOXYCYCLINE HYCLATE 100 MG 2x a day RETIN-A 0.025 % CREAM night SULFACETAMIDE SODIUM 10%--SULFUR 5 % LOTION morning BENZOYL PEROXIDE 5 % CLEANSER 2x a day Soooo today is my first day haha. I just the meds from the derm. I'm starting with the lotions as spot treatments too because I want my face to get used to it. So I'll slowly add it all over the place. Thanks for sharing YOUR story with us!!!
  8. Hi all! I've never used prescribed meds. But I finally went to the derm. I used over the counter SA, BHA, AHA, and of course BP. Not all at the same time but I've tried them at one time or another. Anyway the derm said I should wash with 3.5% BP (NEUTROGENA 2x a day) and use Retin-A at night and sodium sulfacetamide 10%/Sulfur 5% in the morning and they also put me on an antibiotic (doxycyline 2x a day). I've had pimples since I was prob 11 or 12 yrs old I'm 25 years old now. My pimples hav
  9. they are so friggen annoying, any chance they are ingrown hairs or something from the result of shaving, but just with water and a dispoable,? I have the bumps too. I recently went to get a facial. The esthetician told me it was called milia. That only a dermatologist can get rid of them. Basically it's a pore that was clogged and more skin grew over it. The derm can break it open properly, drain it and it's gone. I don't think BP is going to get rid of it. Since it's skin not shedding usin
  10. Hi Acnegone! Good luck with the Herpanacine. As I just mentioned, I broke out pretty badly last week, and since I just started the Herpanacine last week, I'm not sure if that's what did it or if it's because my cycle is starting soon. I'm leaning toward the Herpanacine, since purging is a common side effect. I took this once before during college, but it takes SO LONG to see results that I gave up. Most people say it takes 3-4 months to really see results. So this time, I'm going to give it 6
  11. Hi! I just started taking the Herpanacine . I'm thinking of doing the hazel as well. I'm going to totally track your progress! I'm excited to see if the Herpanacine works.!
  12. I just started taking it last week. So far the i've noticed less oily on my face. My pores do look smaller. I still have break outs on my face but it says to take for 1-2 months and you'll notice a difference and then as the months progress then so do you. I have cystic acne and I was having really bad break outs. I'm taking the 6 pills. I'll keep you posted I suppose on the progress. By the way I'd get it from Amazon if you decide to get it, it's cheaper for 200 capsules. I got it from
  13. I was wondering the same thing. I just started taking Herpanacine. 3 pills have: Vitamin A (as beta-carotene) 12,500 IU 250% Vitamin E (as d-alpha-tocopheryl succinate) 100 IU 333% Selenium (as sodium selenate) 50 mcg 71% Herpanacine Proprietary Blend: 1,400 mg * Lysine (as L-lysine HCI), L-tyrosine, astragalus root, dandelion root, sarsaparilla root, echinacea (aerial parts), ligustrum berry I take 3 twice daily. I've heard that beta carotene is water soluble not fat soluble so
  14. Hello I was wondering if anyone has taken Herpanacine. It does contain high dosage of vitamin A (plus zinc, vitamin e, and others). But it's in Beta carotene, which to my knowledge(correct me if I'm wrong here) is water soluble meaning that you pee it out instead of the fat soluble that you keep (Accutane @high dosage very dangerous) . Anyway I just started taking it. A week ago today actually. I was wondering if anyone has had any results with it. It supposed to take a few months for it to
  15. acnegone010

    If you have a popped pimple it will dry it out and will help reduce the scarring I don't think there is one. This is a great tool in fighting acne. I spot treat with this. If i have a pimple I use a blob of this on the pimple with the BP. It reduces and disinfects it. If you have severe acne (I've never had) I would imagine it would help dry it out as well and disinfect it. FYI if you want to save money go to CVS or whatever buy the generic one, it should be bigger and it's the exact same thing.
  16. Why don't you try the oil cleansing method? I know it sounds crazy to put oil on your face with so many pimples. But it sounds like your drying your face which is prob making your face want more oil so it produces more oil so it clogs your pores. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/OIL-CLEAN...Hi-t141871.html Research the oils. There's lots. I used castor oil and sweet almond oil and a little jojoba. I even use the sweet almond on my hair. I wear make up so I use my combination of castor oil, s
  17. I agree. I went on Amazon and searched for the BP 16oz. It costs the same but the price you pay for shipping is like $3 less. The only thing I wanted to stock up on is the BP. I don't know I feel kinda cheated. I wish they had the auto ship on single items because I don't use the moisturizer I only like the cleanser and the bp.
  18. So far I'm using Silk Naturals. It's great you make your color. Which sounds scary but it's not really. I got my formula down. Just remember to hydrate your skin it's going to look twice as better that way! Oh and they are supper inexpensive too!
  19. Chances are you will break out because it's going to be too heavy for your pores, if you don't have a nice cleaning routine to go with it. If you don't work on that first. If you really like Bare minerals try Silk Naturals. It will be better for your skin in that it contains minerals that won't clog pores and you will find the correct color for you. Keep us posted on how the combo you are using goes though!
  20. First what were you using before? What do you want to wear? Loose powder, compact, liquid?? Allergies? Acne scars you need to cover???
  21. Nooo no $70??!?!! Dude I'll give you my cover stick. I don't need it anymore. I used it like on three pimples!!!
  22. Well judging from your picture, I'm wondering now if I should add some tan into my foundation. I'm hispanic. I have green veins. But anyway as far as blushes go I can't find something that stays on long enough and will look natural. It's either too pink, not enough peach or just blends with my foundation because it's too neutral. So we'll see maybe I'll contact them over at SN and see if they can help.
  23. Really at night? Mmmmhhh well I already placed my order for the medium coverage, blur, oil control, and date bait. I didn't find the luxury powder in time. But I'm sure I will placing another order with other goodies. I'm also on the search for a blush. I'm warm gold and I still don't know what blush I should get. I don't blush naturally haha. But I do have "red" on my nose (is that rosacea??). I don't know how to match that. But I want a natural blush. I want a sun kissed look. Am I hoping for
  24. I still want to cover the size of my pores. I'm hoping the oil control thing I bought will help. What foundation coverage and tint are you using???
  25. Target seems to sell 100 pc for $6.00 or so. Not sure how safe this site is but they have $2.99 for 150 pc. I've never ordered from them so I don't know about their credit card safety and all that jazz.