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  1. Thanks : ) Also the Acne.or AHA+ is my favorite product! Gives my skin that extra glow in the morning : ) Good luck : )
  2. Hi Everyone.. just wanted to do another update! Still loving the products... no complaints. It's been a few years since I've said anything, lol! Still acne-free (except when that time of the month comes, I get the ONE pimple) Other than that- I'm good!
  3. Hi- I just wanted to post feedback on Acne.org products. First, I'm soooooo in love with the products I honestly wouldn't know what I would have done without them. I actually started with the 3 step treatment the beginning of March this year and I've been completely clear since the very first month I started using it. I purposely waited all the way to November to post results because I wanted to make sure it really worked!! (I'm 28yrs old)- My face has always been clear- but up until a few years