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  1. indieMILK

    AMAZING CLEARED UP MY FACE IN A WEEK none I have tried everything and this product has legit been the miracle i needed
  2. indieMILK

    I GET SO

    its all healed up because i started using tea tree oil as a spot treatment and benzoyl peroxide wash with benza perm 10% reallly good regimen
  3. indieMILK

    I GET SO

    hahah thank youuuuu! my face is all healed up now though... look at this pic
  4. benzoyl peroxide and benzoyl peroxide persa-gel 10 with tea tree oil as a spot treatment. your face will get really dry.. butit will heal and TAKE ALLL YOUR ACNEE AWAY GAURANTEED
  5. indieMILK


    sooo, does anyone know any home remedies to get rid of acne scars? input would be much appreciated
  6. dude you should read my last post.. i stayed in all day on this beautifulllll day!! GAH FML
  7. indieMILK

    for those who have had cortisone shots

    i have actually jus gotten 7 shots in my face this morning. im happy i can cover them with makeup and im looking forward to them going down! idk i think its different with everyone. but best bet is to just get the shot. ill tell you tommorow how they are..
  8. indieMILK

    I GET SO

    thanks guyssss, i jus need some tips cuz i have pimples that are red but no bump no nothing? jus like a red dot on my skin?? idk, any thoughts?
  9. I get so depressed somtimes.. i start breaking out and have old pimples that still arent gone, im sick of covering them up with makeup. im sick of spending hundreds of dollars on medications. im so sick of laying in bed with a medicated face just trying to heal up so i can see the boy i like. i met a boy when i was having my monthly clear skin week and now that im breaking out i have to make excuses to not see him. im a prisoner to my room and my stress i feel is jus makin it worse. im a pretty