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  1. There could be a rolling scar under your ice picks that is causing the shadow. If so, subcision might help. You might want to see a qualified dermatologist for his/her opinion.
  2. Isn't HA an anti-inflammatory? Needling works by creating small areas of inflamation, so you would not want to apply any topical that would decrease the inflammation. I heard that it is best to wait for 48 hours after needling to use anti-inflammatory topicals and nutritional suppliments.
  3. I think that even bound down scars can dissappear when stretched. That was what happened to my rolling scars when I stretched the skin, but I still benefited from subcision, which releases the bonding on the scar.
  4. You should always lift the roller after one roll. If you just go back and forth, you will roll over the same holes each time. That could cause a track effect.
  5. Your scars are really mild, but it looks from the photos like you have some small red bumps under the skin. This could be because of an irritation or allergy to some product. I had similar bumps at one time, and was able to eliminate them by using differin.
  6. Sometimes the shallow scars are just tethered down, and can be released by subcision. Subcision plus vacuuming seems to work the best. You might look for a dermatologist who does the procedure and get his or her opinion.
  7. My skin texture is the same as yours. In my case, I think it is because I have had two deep dermabrasions in the past. Sometimes the deep procedures reveal larger pores and worse texture - so be careful before you try a deep peel! You might start with a 0.5mm dermaroller, which is generally used once a week to help skin products absorb. If you use a 0.5mm or even a 1.5mm roller Friday evening, your skin will usually look fine Monday morning. Often, rolling causes the skin to peel slightly, but n
  8. Did you recently get a prescription refill? I took spiro years ago, and it was completely effective in stopping my adult acne. I found, however, that some of the generic brands just didn't seem to work on me. I always requested a specific brand (generic) when I renewed, although the pharmacy had to special order. Medicine batches vary, also. Maybe you received a bad batch of your usual brand.
  9. There are some studies showing that estriol (E3) can increase collagen synthesis. I plan to start using the cream this week. The studies used 0.3% estriol cream, but I could only find 0.25% over the counter. The studies also show decreased pore size, something that would be really helpful to me! I plan to use the cream in conjunction with rolling and LEDs. This is a female hormone, so some may be absorbed into the bloodstream - males might want to go slow using this. Progesterone cream has also
  10. Hi DRaGZ, I see Neo-Cutis has something called PSP that is supposed to encourage cell growth, but it does not seem to be the same as the ReCell, which uses a patient's own skin cells in a repair matrix.
  11. That's great that you've passed the first hurdle - getting the active acne under control. While I can't advise you as to what treatments would be best for you, I can warn you about the negative things that have happened to me during treatment. I started on my scar treatment regime years ago, before some of the newer techniques came along. I have both boxcar and rolling scars, with the rolling scars being most bothersome to me. I have had two deep dermabrasions, and they have left my skin with re
  12. The silicone sheets are intended to treat raised scars, but I found that they also pull my rolling scars up to the level of the normal skin. Apparently, the sheets create an electro-static energy field between the sheet and the skin which increases blood flow and improves irregular collagen structure. This will only help with rolling scars, not smaller pitted ones. There is an explanation in this article: http://www.squidoo.com/silicone-scar-treatment
  13. I just had another session of subcision and will be using the vacuum method. I'm also going to try silicone sheets. I have some Scar FX sheets left over from a knee surgery, and I noticed that they pull the depressed scar up to the level of the normal skin. I'm going to try wearing them at night. I hope the sheets will keep the subcised areas elevated enough to start the collagen growing under the scar. Has anyone tried this?
  14. I had very good results with subcision two years ago, and plan to try another round, this time using the vacuum method. I just found this mini-vacuum attachment on Amazon, and will probably use it three days after treatment. http://www.amazon.com/Micro-Vacuum-Attachment-sold-Miniatures/dp/B000BSJCLY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1325728440&sr=8-1
  15. My doctor used traditional subcision + saline injections. He put a bit of novacine in the saline, eliminating any need to numb the area first.